Book Review : Dan Brown’s Inferno

My first post on my first ever blog, and ofcourse it had to be about a book. By a well known and well loved author and also one of my favorite, Dan Brown. After a disappointing The Lost Symbol, I kind of forgot about Dan Brown and moved on to make new favorites, one of whom is James Rollins.

However, the couple of months, the publicity and anticipation surrounding his new release, Inferno, made me remember my love for him and before I knew it, I was counting down the days to May 14, 2013 for the release of the book. (The counting down of days made me remember my last such experience which was for Harry Potter’s sixth and seventh books, and how me and my sister made a dash to the bookshop early in the morning to be one of the firsts to get the books). Buuuuut *sighs* being a new mother deprives me of such adventures.

Any-hoo, I got the book a couple of days after its release and just sat looking at the jacket cover and smelling that smell, that can only come from new books. And no, I’m not a weirdo, I’m just a book lover who happens to do all that for all my highly anticipated books.


Dan Brown made me fall in love with art, by bringing them to life with the history behind them, possible mysteries surrounding them and/or their artists. And with that, we see the return of our favorite professor Dr. Robert Langdon (with a teacher like him, I could stay in school forever!). The book is based in his favorite country, Italy, and also his favorite city, Florence. But hold on, Langdon is not in Florence to give a lecture. In fact, we find him in the beginning of the book in a Florence hospital with a head wound and no recollection of the last few days and what in fact is he doing in Florence to begin with. With the help of a doctor, Sienna Brooks, he pieces together the mystery of his appearance in Florence and also a strange object found in his coat which holds an image of a painting.

Which brings us to the title of the book. The painting in question is in fact renowned artist Botticelli’s Map of Hell based on the epic poem of the famed Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy. Specifically the part called Inferno, which is Dante’s own description of hell.

Map of Hell

Botticelli’s Map of Hell

Before you know it, the duo are racing against time to stop a secret weapon of mass destruction, designed by a mad genius scientist to control the overpopulation of the planet. Dante’s Inferno is the starting clue which links to other works of art which ultimately points to the location of the doomsday object.

If I write any more, this post will become a spoiler. Needless to say, Dan Brown has written another page turner. I am fascinated by his style of imparting knowledge to the readers about topics which one wouldn’t think about but once you got to know about it, you would say ” Oh, so that’s where that’s derived from?”

The book is not all about art and artists, Dan Brown has brought to light a sensitive yet a very real issue. OVERPOPULATION. And what could the consequences be, once human numbers cross the threshold of our planet’s ability to sustain them. I must honestly confess, I never thought about it before this book, and thinking about it after reading this book scared me. What are we going to do, when our resources run out? Make space colonies? Make the moon habitable? Or as the villian of this book so righteously decides, kill half of the population so that the other half can survive for a longer period of time.

Ok, Ok, Calm down Eram. Let’s not scare myself and all of you on the first post itself. I think a book qualifies as a good read if it makes you think about it long after you have read it.

My Recommendation : YESSS! Read it if you love page turners, un-put-downable books.

Let me know what you guys thought about the book.

And also about my first post *fingers crossed*

The picture of Botticelli’s Map of Hell has been taken from


8 thoughts on “Book Review : Dan Brown’s Inferno

  1. Awesome first post! Sooo glad it’s abt a book… Cant wait to read this latest from Dan Brown!!! Looking fwd to more from you……….

  2. Yep, had to be a book! You ‘paint’ a good description, pun intended! So good that I plan to make my own attempt at a mad dash to the bookstore (NOT! NEW MOM ALERT!) – okay, but it IS up there on my list now!
    Kudos on the blog, dear! Keep it coming!

  3. nice review eram…..i like the way u started it connecting it to ur memories..thats s kinda pro.i’m not a book lover but sometimes a gud book s a nice company n respite frm being a full time mom n wht not 🙂 I’ll definitely take ur suggestion n get this book asap….thanks again

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