Review : Man of Steel

Going to the movies for a new mother is a daunting task. Deciding which movie is worth the effort of leaving your kid with grandparents/relatives is a decision of epic proportions.

EPIC! A single word description for the movie I saw yesterday. Any guesses? Ofcourse, it’s the movie that opened this weekend. Man of Steel! Superman! Could any other word describe him any better.

Man of Steel

S for Superman

I’m not a comic book fan. However, I have seen enough movies about comic heroes to know the basics. Before going to the movie it struck me that this is actually my first Superman movie. It’s just that the previous movies and the actors who portrayed them never really gave justice to this superhero. Superman looked more comic then fierce. And the red underwear didn’t help his cause.

But seriously, I’m so glad that this was my first Superman movie. Two simple and honest reasons. One, I love Henry Cavill. Loved him since his Tudor days. Two, NO red underwear. Phheeww it would have been embarassing watching Superman on the big screen with the underwear peaking all the time.

For a person with minimum knowledge about Superman, it was nice to see that the initial part of the movie was based on Superman’s home planet Krypton. A lot of things were explained as to why Superman aka Kal-El (his kryptonian name) was sent away. Superman’s parents Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and Lara(Ayelet Zurer of Angels and Demons fame) were important members of Krypton’s Senate/Parliament. The planet was dying because of lack of resources and a mutinous general, Zod(Michael Shannon) attacked the Senate in order to gain control and possibly save his planet. He couldn’t get away with it as he got caught and killed Jor-El in the process. But not before Jor-El and Lara sending away their only son with the knowledge of their species survival incorporated into his blood. (Don’t ask me, that’s the way comic book movies are). Zod and his gang get sent to a space prison and Krypton explodes.

Man of Steel

Back on earth, we get to see through flashbacks, how Superman aka Clark Kent(his Earth name) deals with his unknown powers. It was refreshing to see a human side to our superhero. He is unsure of his powers or how to control them. How he learns it with age, but is taught by his loving and concerned Earth parents Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) and Martha Kent (Diane Lane) to keep it a secret and wait till the time is right. Clark’s angers, frustrations and fears in dealing with bullies, drunkards, government officials doesn’t let us forget that although he may not be from this planet but he is more human then many other humans.

Superman’s earth parents

In comes our fiesty reporter Lois Lane (Amy Adams, I really enjoy this lady’s movies) who is out in Alaska on a military operation to unearth a possible UFO. Our hero Clark is also there who is working under an alias is out there to investigate if this possible UFO is from his planet. He finds success when he enters the spaceship and through it’s program comes head to head with his father. The conscience of his father actually. Clark is elated to finally discover his origin. But this puts Lois hot on his trail, and through her investigations, finally puts two plus two and lands at the Kents’ doorstep. Clark reveals the truth about himself and pleads with her to keep it a secret.

Superman and his lady interest, Lois Lane

All hunky dory sweet ending. NOOO, how can it be? Did anyone forget Zod? He and his horde manages to escape from prison and tracks down Clark/Kal-El/Superman (uugghh too many names!) to Earth. He threatens to destroy the world unless they hand over Clark. This is the point where Clark finally decides to reveal himself and with the help of the US military hands himself over to Zod.

What happens next? Does Zod extract the information he needs? Does Clark decide to return to his own kind. Why even guess??? Zod IS THE VILLIAN. Ofcourse, he won’t leave so easily. He decides that Earth (for some unknown reason) is the perfect planet to be converted into the new Krypton. What ensues is a complete hour of action, epic fights, superhero and supervillians bashing through building after building, explosions, fighter planes collisions. Phhewww!. Yeah, my thoughts exactly! The action and sounds were so intense that at times I had to close my ears to stop the grating sounds of metal against metal.

Arch nemesis Zod

All in all, it’s the perfect choice for a watch on the big screen. The only thing that annoyed me in the movie was that during the fight scenes, Superman was shuttling from Kansas to NYC at warp speed. And yet, at every moment, Lois Lane was magically present everywhere to pat him on the back, give her approval etc. And also throughout the movie there were hardly any witty dialogues, comic relief. Perhaps the theme of the movie was very sombre, what with Superman learning to deal with his powers and his dilemma to reveal his identity. Still, come on, there has to be a joker around.

Is It a HIT? Yeah, I think so. It’s the perfect summer blockbuster. Good action, handsome hero *swoons*

Is it a MISS? Not really. Unless you don’t enjoy comic books action hero movies, this movie is a complete enjoyment.

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