Weekend Buy : Loreal’s Dating Coral lipstick

This is going to be, hopefully a quickie post. After ages, I went to Lifestyle this weekend to check out new cosmetics. And as always, Loreal wow’ed me with it’s range of lipsticks. Loreal happens to be my favorite drugstore brand followed by Maybelline, although looking at their prices, it’s not far behind big brands like MAC.

I have always found Loreal’s shades to be somewhat more compatible with Indian skin, then other brands like Nyx, Max Factor etc, be it their lipsticks, blushes, eye makeup. The new lipstick range that attracted me to their stall is the Loreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks.

Loreal Rouge Caresse lipstick campaign

What Loreal has to say about this range

A pop of colour, a flutter on your lips.
New Rouge Caresse from L’Oreal Paris.
Caress your lips with a veil of colour for a sheer light finish. Available in 12 luminous shades.

What is new about these lipsticks

1. Weightless sensation.
2. Luminous and Fresh colour
3. Meltingly soft application.
4. Pop of colour
5. Flutter on your lips
6. New sensation1s
7. Feather light feel

I have always found Loreal lipsticks to be ultra smooth and moisturising on the lips and that’s why this is my go to brand for lipsticks. This range boasts 12 gorgeous shades but only 6 or so are available at their stall.

12 gorgeous shades

The packaging is very sleek, sturdy. The lipstick tube is metallic and the cover is transparent with a colored top. Looks like an expensive brand lipstick (YSL-ish??)

It’s summertime and I’m always on the lookout for peachy and coral shades as I think they give a fresh look to our skin. I got the 301 Dating Coral shade from this range. It’s a peachy coral shade and the color of the lipstick practically screams SUMMER! The lipstick glides on smoothly and moisturises the lips. Just what one needs in summer. It gives sheer coverage so all those looking out for a good coverage lipstick should give this a miss. Generally, wear time for sheer lipsticks is not much. A couple of hours at the most. But I usually apply a lip pencil that is closest to the shade of my lipstick and then apply the lipstick on top. This buys me a few more hours and enhances the color of the lipstick.






single swatch at the bottom and multiple swatches on top

single swatch at the bottom and multiple swatches on top

Sorry ladies, no lip swatch. I am suffering from a nasty lip boil, so am avoiding putting anything on my lips.

All in all, I love it. Along with my Revlon Colorburst’s Peach and now Loreal’s Dating Coral, these two are going to be my handbag’s permanent members this summer.

Availability and Price : Lifestyle and Debenhams (not sure) for AED 70

Is it a Hit? If you love smooth, moisturising lipsticks then try out this shade or others from this range.

Is it a Miss? If sheer lipsticks are not your type, then give this a miss.

What did you guys think about this product and this post? Share your views with me.

The campaign picture and the lipstick color list picture are not my own. They have been taken from




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