3 movies, 3 days and the winner is…

A couple of days back I was going through my laptop to empty junk and I found these movies lying there forgotten. I thought, might as well watch them before deleting. I didn’t want to waste the effort I had put in downloading them. So, three movies in three days and my favorite is….

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with them one by one

The first movie was

RAANJHANAA (referring to Ranjha of Heer Ranjha — India’s Romeo-Juliet) starring Dhanush of Kolaveri fame, Sonam Kapoor of no particular fame except the clothes she wears, Abhay Deol in a guest role.

I wasn’t expecting anything from this movie, because, the truth being I don’t like Sonam and Dhanush, he doesn’t look like any Bollywood hero. But, the movie knocked my socks off.

The plot is set in Benares and starts with teenage love between local “launda” Kundan (Dhanush)  and Zoya (Sonam). Alas, they cannot be together due to religious reasons. Zoya’s father sends her off to Aligarh (yayyy!! Aligarh is in a movie!) for further studies to get her away before she ruins the family name. Kundan professes his undying love to her and promises to wait for her return. Eight years later, Zoya returns all confident and grown up thanks to her experiences in JNU, Delhi ( she does her post graduate there).

And now the twist in the conventional love story. She doesn’t love Kundan, infact doesn’t even remember him, but loves a student political leader Jasjeet (Abhay) in JNU. Kundan’s heart crumbles, but she literally grovels in front of him to convince her father for her choice. Kundan, ever the true lover, cannot reject his Heer. And she tell him Jasjeet is Akram, for obvious reasons. But, Kundan discovers the truth and on the day of the marriage, reveals Jasjeet’s religious identity. Drama ensues, where Jasjeet gets beaten to pulp and Zoya slits her wrists. Kundan is filled with remorse and decides to unite the two. In comes the next twist, Jasjeet dies of his wounds and Zoya hates Kundan fiercely.

To atone for his grave mistakes, Kundan follows Zoya to JNU, where she has taken up the cause of Jasjeet’s party. Kundan starts helping the party with simple tasks such as getting tea and slowly becomes popular with all of them. He even helps the party resolve some political issues with his simplistic yet witty nature. Zoya cannot stand Kundan’s popularity and tells everyone that he is responsible for Jasjeet’s death but Kundan has made a place in everyone’s heart and he stays on.

In a fit of revenge, Zoya joins hands with the Chief Minister, who want Kundan out of the way lest he manages a win for his party and becomes even more dangerous for her. Kundan gets fatally wounded when his party’s rally is is disturbed by a bomb.

Is Zoya satisfied or repentant in the end? is a question left to the viewers.

Dhanush surprised me beyond belief with his joyful and sombre acting. You can forgive his Hindi diction by just paying attention to his hilarous attempt to wow Sonam, his jealous, crazed attempts to accept her love for someone else, his evolving into maturity as life becomes serious. I think his acting was just wonderful. To Sonam’s credit, she has done a better job then all her other movies. For once, there is no focus on whats she’s wearing. Hers’ is a grey character, where you can’t decide whether she is good, manipulative or maybe evil. But then, that’s what real people are like. There is no clear definition of intentions. I would say watch this movie. It is entertaining, funny and something inexplicably more.

Official Poster


Second movie was

FUKREY (Punjabi slang word for jobless, penniless) starring  Pulkit Samrat as Hunny, Manjot Singh as Lali, Ali Fazal as Zafar, Varun Sharma as Choocha, Richa Chaddha as Bholi Punjaban

A story of four guys down on their luck, in need of money. Two of them, Hunny and Choocha ( does it suspiciously sound as a swear word) need it to buy school exam papers so they can get into college. They are shown so dumb in studies that they have even failed the 1st grade among others. Lali needs it to buy college exam papers so that he can pass and get transferred from private to general college and unite with his girlfriend. Zafar needs it to pay his ailing father’s hospital fees. So only one has a genuine need of money, the other three’s real motive is interaction with girls. Just about  99% of guys’ motive in real life.

So how do they go about making money. Well, that’s the unbelievable and some will find it funny part. Choocha has dreams every night and Hunny interprets it every morning and the number that comes out of it is the winning number of the daily lottery. (If only, I could have such money winning dreams)

The real fun begins when they approach a local gangster/loan shark to get big sums of money to place bets. This is not just any gangster. It’s a FEMALE gangster, Bholi Punjaban. I can’t remember any movie where a woman has played such a role. And Richa Chadda plays it like with such aplomb. She instigates terror in everyone with her fiesty Don’t F**K With Me attitude. I think she is the best part of the movie. Her role was far more engaging then all the guys combined. Overall, the movie is ok. There are some funny moments, but as the movie progresses, the story becomes even more ridiculous.

Movie Poster

The complete cast

Third movie was

AASHIQUI 2 (being in love) starring Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor

I still remember the first Aashiqui, so that makes me old. It also makes me realise that there is nothing common between the two movies except for great music, which ofcourse is expected from all Bhatt family movies.

Rahul Jayekar is a fading rockstar thanks to his alcoholic addiction. On top of that, he loves to fight with just about anyone who criticises him. That puts the proverbial final nail in the coffin. In comes a bar singer Aarohi, who Rahul discovers in a small town where he has a concert but walks out from. He makes it his mission to make her a successful singer and in the process falls in love with. So, our heroine is a big singing star and Rahul, still the failing star, who realises now that alcohol has “corroded” his voice and he can never sing again.

So, starts the journey of Rahul’s end, and though he tries mighty hard to get Aarohi to leave him, she refuses to do so out of love and loyalty to him. She tries to get him to stop drinking but Rahul also lacks a strong will along with his singing voice. To change the status quo, Rahul goes and jumps off a bridge and we are left with Aarohi who, in a final gift to his memory signs off her autographs with Aarohi Rahul Jayekar even though they never got married.

The message of the movie, Rahul’s “Aashiqui” was alcohol and Aarohi’s “Aashiqui” Rahul. Except for the songs, I didn’t like what the movie was trying to say. It’s a sign of weakness to give up on life and commit suicide just because one cannot deal with problems he/she has him/herself created. Though I agree, that is the truth of the world. We find so many people giving up on life because of the lack of something or the other, without even thinking of the devastation it will cause on those left behind. As it is, we have so many youth suicides, this movie further goes and justifies it, making us believe that Rahul killed himself because he did not want to hurt Aarohi any further with his addiction. Dude, did you think she would be pleased by your death?  Or would she say “Thank God, he is finally gone”.

All in all, the movie was fine. The songs are amazing and also the best thing to watch out for. Acting of the two main characters is passable. Nothing award winning, but then this isn’t one of those movies.

Movie Poster

And the winner is *drumrolls* RAANJHANAA. Really, was anyone expecting anything else. The movie is a hit, with good songs, strong story, awesome acting by Dhanush. And I totally forgot to mention his best friend Murari (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub of No One Killed Jessica) and the one girl who is crazy about Shankar, Bindiya (Swara Bhaskar of Tanu weds Manu). These guys are just flawless actors. They are the real praiseworthy, the unsung actors of Bollywood. If such actors are promoted more, then I predict Bollywood can equal Hollywood with good acting roles.

So which of these movies did you guys watch? And which was your favorite? Do let me know.

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