Rant Alert : Don’t EVER buy from the Benefit Cosmetics website

Benefit Cosmetics has been my second love following Urban Decay. I love their cute packaging and their products are worth swearing by. Their cheek and lip stains, Posietint and Benetint are bestsellers along with their liquid highlighter High Beam. Bella Bamba and Coralista are gorgeous blushes. I always have eyed the Benefit stand whenever I visit Sephora, weighing product choices and their prices.

I had heard from a reliable source that stuff is cheaper on the Benefit Cosmetics and they deliver to UAE within a month. Being experienced with online shopping websites, I decided to save money and order from the brand website. If you check the website, you will know that international deliveries become free if your order amount is $135 or above. I Was hesitant concerning the large amount for awhile but after checking the online prices, I thought it was worth it. I mean I was getting five products plus two deluxe sample sized products. With $135 at Sephora, I would just manage to get four products. This finally convinced me to go ahead.

I ordered in the last week of May and I was told that I would receive my order by the end of June. I waited patiently and quite forgot about it for one month. I emailed the customer service in the last month of June inquiring about my order and they said to wait till 1st July. I duly contacted them again on 1st July and they said to wait for 2 weeks more, as sometimes international orders are held up at customs.

Come 14th July and I emailed them to refund my money as my order hasn’t arrived and honestly none of my previous orders from other websites have ever taken more than 3 weeks. They immediately replied saying that they have issued a refund and I should get it in a week’s time. I was instantly relieved that atleast my money isn’t lost.

Cautious in nature, I emailed them after 4 days to confirm that my refund has been processed. And what reply do I get??? They tell me that a refund of $120 (what the..??) had been processed on 21st June and I should have got it within 1-2 weeks.

I nearly had a heart attack. I mean I know that ordering online is a risky business, but ever since my favorable experiences with LookFantastic, FeelUnique, BhCosmetics, Amazon, I never expected such unprofessionalism from a big brand like Benefit Cosmetics.

First of all, they didn’t have the courtesy to write a simple apology for the inconvenience I faced. Actually their emails sounded robotic, totally disconnecting with the customer. Second, they didn’t even inform me about the early refund or their reasons behind it, when during that time I was in touch with their customer service and their robotic replies for me to wait awhile longer. I have sent them a detailed email again yesterday, informing them of the issue from the very beginning. Their automated reply told me to wait for 24-48 hours, but it has been a day already and they haven’t got back to me.

This has been such a horrible experience and I feel totally helpless, not being able to get my money back. But, I will follow up with them and I am hoping they have the decency to accept their mistake and refund my money. They really need to learn a lesson from Amazon. I had ordered Maybelline eyestudio quads from them. Their failure to package the items properly resulted in me getting them completely damaged beyond use. I followed their returns policy which mentioned to post back the broken items in order for them to send replacements. I also emailed a seperate feedback on the por packaging. I got an instant reply from them apologising for their mistake and asking me to throw away the broken items as they are sending replacements imediately. And I received new quads, properly packaged within a week. That’s called owing up to your mistake and keeping the customer happy.

Let’s see how Benefit treats their customer. I love their products but I think I will stick now to purchasing from Sephora, NEVER from the website. I am sure their are others who have had a positive experience with them, but for those who haven’t used the website or are planning to, Be Cautious. Be Very Cautious.

I will edit this post later on, based on whatever reply I receive from them.

Fingers crossed.

Pray for me guys.

UPDATE : Benefit credited me with $120 only and I received it too. They deducted 15 bucks because apparently they sent the order but the Post Office here did not deliver it to me and it got sent back and they deducted the money for return shipping and restocking charges. What the hell?? I told them that I have received numerous international packages and never has the Post Office not delivered. But they were like it’s in the terms and conditions excuse and I ended up paying for stuff not delivered. I am even more upset. More reason for you guys to be cautious while purchasing from this site. I sure am never doing it again. Will stick to Sephora now.


2 thoughts on “Rant Alert : Don’t EVER buy from the Benefit Cosmetics website

    • Yeah, I got 120 bucks back and they took 15 bucks for reshipping and restocking fees coz the order got sent back without being delivered to me. Its never hapnd with any other order. Just the one from this site. And they never reply to email. Its only when i posted on thr fb page tht they replied back with details

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