Slide Your Way to a Perfect Eyeliner Look

9Don’t we all love that uber sexy smudged eye look on our actresses? Here’s a simple secret to getting that look. Go to sleep wearing your kohl liner and you will wake up next morning with the same exact look, provided it’s not one of those kajals that creases up in the eye corner. You would end up with a “party all night” hungover look rather than the soft sexy morning look. LOL

Coming back to the topic at hand, I haven’t been much of a eyeliner person, thinking most of my life that it does not suit me. Especially those eyeliner pencils, with which you can’t draw a perfect line because they are always pulling and tugging on your skin. I just never thought it worth the hassle. Suffice to say, I have been late to the eyeliner scene and the product that made me fall in love with eyeliners? Any guesses on the brand? If you have been reading my blog, you would know by now. My absolute FAV, Urban Decay. Like I have said before, they have the best eye products ever. So when I bought their Smoked Palette and got the Perversion (black color) eyeliner, I just fell in love! The most creamiest, smoothest eyelining experience ever. On my first go, I was able to form a straight line on my upper lash line. Coming from a complete amateur, who can’t even draw a straight line on paper, this was an empowering experience.

As is the norm, with copies made of all bestselling products, I read about Nyx Slide On pencils (the name is even similar to UD’s Glide On pencils) on the net. They have been raved about a lot, promising to give the same experience, lasting power as their higher end, more glamorous sister Urban Decay’s eyeliners.The fact that Nyx Slide On pencils cost less than half of UD’s Glide On pencils is surely an advantage.

This is what Nyx has to say about their eyeliners

Don’t let the softness of this pencil fool you. This formula doesn’t smear or smudge and delivers powerful, robust colors. It’s like a liquid eye liner without the mess.

They come in 18 beautiful shades (UD’s comes in an awesome 40 shades!)

Nyx Slide On Eyeliners

18 shades of eyeliners

Once I heard that these are similar to UD liners, I had to try them myself. As much as I love UD liners, spending AED94 on a single piece was a bit too much for me. Nyx liners cost me AED39, plus Lifestyle is having an ongoing promotion where you can buy two and get one free, so a more cost effective option more me. I went out and bought four eyeliners : Golden Bronze, Tropical Green, Sunrise Blue, Purple Blaze.



As you can see, these are gorgeous glittery shades. My favorite is Golden Bronze followed by Tropical Green and then Sunrise Blue. Purple Blaze is a bit cool toned for my taste. However, I tried it yesterday and it looked pretty good too. I am planning to get some more eyeliners while the Lifestyle promotion is on.

IMG_2860 IMG_2867

IMG_2861 IMG_2869

IMG_2862 IMG_2868

IMG_2863 IMG_2866

Application of these liners is super smooth and creamy. They really do slide on without much difficulty and it doesn’t take much effort to get a straight line on. Once applied, it takes a few minutes to set, so in that time you can surely smudge out the edges to give that uber sexy look I was talking about earlier on. UD liners set much faster. Once set, rubbing and washing won’t remove them. They may fade a bit, but you need to use a makeup remover to get them out completely. So, don’t worry ladies, it won’t run when you sleep or cry. Trust me, I tried the sleeping part. Wear time is awesome. I wore them without a primer and they lasted me 6-8 hours easily. I haven’t tried wearing it on my waterline as I prefer black kohl, but a lot of people have said that it doesn’t last in the waterline for long as UD’s liners do.

From left to right : Tropical Green, Purple Blaze, Sunrise Blue, Golden Bronze

From left to right : Tropical Green, Purple Blaze, Sunrise Blue, Golden Bronze

Tropical Green is close to UD’s Covet from the old collection. I don’t have that one but I swatched it at Sephora while having Tropical Green as well and Covet is less glittery and dare I say, lacking lustre when compared to the shiny Tropical Green. Purple Blaze has been compared by many to be close to UD’s Ransom. Golden Bronze is close to UD’s Lucky but a bit more red. I have Lucky and you can see the comparison below.

Nyx Golden Bronze (L), UD's Lucky (R)

Nyx Golden Bronze (L), UD’s Lucky (R)

Is it a Hit? Yeah, pretty much. Lots of shades to choose from, great staying power and wear time, ease of application.

Is it a Miss? No, you should definitely give it a try. Lots of pros working for it, unless you like your waterlines colorful.

So, what did you guys think about this product? I definitely recommend them. They are pretty awesome and I can’t wait to get more.

The pictures showing the complete range of Nyx eyeliners and the one about the shades names has been taken from the sites below


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