Purple Smokey Eye Look with Maybelline’s Mad for Mauve Eye Studio Quad

I am back, just like I promised, with my new eye look featuring the second Maybelline Eyestudio Quad I bought from Amazon, Mad for Mauve.


I have already posted about the Copper Chic palette. You can check the eye look I made with it, here. This palette has pretty colors too. All of them are shimmery, so Fallout Alert!


Ingredients and weight of the product listed in the back

Ingredients and weight of the product listed in the back

Maybelline Mad for Mauve Eyestudio Quad

Maybelline Mad for Mauve Eyestudio Quad



The packaging is nothing to be impressed about. The eyeshadow containers move around a lot as if they are loose, the glass top is easily crack-able. And you have to be very sure not to drop it or else the eyeshadows will fall out of the containers.

The quad consists of a pale pink champagne, a rosy mauve, an olive green, and a burgundy plum colors. If you apply them wet, they come out even more pigmented and beautiful. Ofcourse, as I have mentioned with the other palette, because of the shimmery-ness, you need to apply the eyeshadows a couple of times for the color to come out. But, using a similar color base surely helps in reducing fallout and intensifying the colors.

Swatches for Maybelline Mad for Mauve

Swatches for Maybelline Mad for Mauve

I tried a look incorporating all four colors, but the green was so light that it didn’t show up much. So, I ended up using the other three colors. I cleaned my eye and applied some under eye concealer. I then, patted my lid with Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow cream in Pomegrenate Punk. It’s a reddish burgundy with shimmer. Using a smudger brush, I also applied this eyeshadow on my lower lash line and smudged it out. I took the deepest color, the burgundy plum one, on my angled shader brush and applied on my lid completely and also blended into the lower lash line with a pencil brush. Next, I took the pale pink shade and highlighted my brow bone and inner corner of the eye with a shader brush and a pencil brush respectively. I then, loaded my blending brush with the second shade, the mauve one, and applied it into my crease with light feathery strokes. This along with the green shade were a little tough to work with, as the colors didn’t show up much, despite multiple applications. Finished off with my pen eyeliner and mascara.

Here is the final look


Eye Look created with Maybelline Mad for Mauve

Eye Look created with Maybelline Mad for Mauve

The eye look simplified through numbers

2 4

The purple shade was defintely intensified with the help of the color tattoo base.

Is it a Hit? It’s so-so. Accept for the darkest shade, nothing impressed me much. If you love purple and shimmer then go for it. Also the low cost is a definite advantage.

Is it a Miss? Yeah, it’s definitely not a must have palette. The non-availability is definitely an issue, unless you want to try from Amazon or Ebay

So, what did you guys think about this one? Did you like it better then me? Let me know


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