Gaga is Back!

After a break of more than a year, SHE is back! Lady Gaga is back with a new single Applause.


She is known privately as Stefani Germanotta, but we all know and love her as the crazy, zany, out-of-this-world Lady Gaga. Whether you love or hate her (she does have a tendency to bring out extreme reactions), you have to admit she is one hell of a entertainer.

I personally don’t care for her meat dress or her entry into Grammy Awards functions as a dinosaur egg (what the…?), but I enjoy her music a lot. A fusion of electronic music with pop n rock, is basically two of my favorite genres in one.

Her latest song Applause from the new album POPART was due for release on Aug 19 but due to internet leaks had to be released in an emergency on Aug 14. And voila, in less than seven hours it was at 11th spot on the Bilboards Top 40. I see another no.1 hit for Gaga with this song.

I live for the applause is one of the lines from Gaga’s song and basically an anthem for entertainers all around the world. You can check out the lyrical video here.

So who loved her song and who all hated it. Share your thoughts with me.

The picture has been taken from the website


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