Quick Thoughts on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

I’m back after an unexpected break. But than when does does the flu come with an announcement. I’m still a bit under the weather, but I thought to pen down my thoughts on the latest Galaxy out there.

Samsung is back with another Galaxy on the market. Being a Galaxy user myself, it breaks my heart to say it, but the truth must come out. Just stop Samsung! Just stop! Stop with the Megas, Grands, Actives, Zooms. It’s just overflooding the market and leaving the consumer confused as to what to buy or not. Now I don’t mind variety, infact I believe in options. I don’t agree with the philosophy of one phone a year. But there is something as too much and Samsung is crossing that line too.  Galaxy is the premium smartphone line of Samsung, so ideally they should not clutter it. In my opinion, they should stick to the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note range. Galaxy Mini is acceptable too, what with the increase in size of their phones every year. This way one can cover the size, price and creativity options in their smartphone range. More than that is just over-kill.

Coming back to the latest device, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, launched just a couple of days back. It’s a successor to Galaxy Note 2 which came out a year back. Note 3 is sporting a bigger screen (just by 0.2 inches but that’s how Samsung increases the size of its phones) at 5.7in as compared to Note 2’s 5.5in. It has a full HD Super Amoled screen at 1080 x 1920 as compared to Note 2’s 720 x 1280. The actual size of the two phones is the same, as the side bezel of the Note 3’s screen has been decreased to accommodate the 0.2in size increase. The one major difference in the design is the stitched leathered back of the phone as opposed to the shiny plastic which is honestly the only thing that pleased me about this phone. Because, seriously the amount of time I have dropped my Note 2 (due to the plastic slippery back) is more than the drops of all my previous phones put together! So yeah, this is a definite advantage for this huge phone.

Galaxy Note 3 is outfitted with the latest Android software in Jelly Bean 4.3. So one can expect the same software enhancements we saw in Galaxy S4. However the most prominent thing missing in Note 3 are the Air Gesture features of S4. So, no Smart Scroll, Smart Stay in this phone. I personally find this surprising, as usually Samsung always carries the features of its previously released S phone to the Note one released later on in the year. Perhaps, Samsung’s motives were to focus on the S pen (which is the main draw of this phone)and not remind people that this is another variant of S4.

This brings us to the exceptional thing about this phone, the S pen. I think it’s safe to say that Samsung brought the stylus back in style. Starting with a basic S pen in Note released two years back, they really amped it up with Note 2. I love the Pop up Note feature which pops up when you bring out the S pen. really handy when you’re on a call and want to quickly jot down a number, name etc. What’s new with the third generation S pen is the introduction of the Air Command feature. Basically if you press the button on the side of the pen and hover over the phone screen, a bunch of options will appear which are basically shortcuts to quick memo, phone, contacts, scrapbook.

A quick roll call of the specs : a powerful 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset for the LTE variant, while the 3G enabled one seems to benefit more with its 1.9GHz Exynos 5 Octa core processor; packing 3GB RAM under the hood; 13MP camera with LED flash. I am not sure whether it carries all the new scenes and effects of S4 camera (referring to drama shot, cinema shot). Will have to wait for the phone to come out on the market. The battery is 3,200mAh strong, so it’s safe to say the phone will last out a day with medium usage for sure.

For a detailed review and specs, check here and here.

Is it a Hit? If you’re an artist at heart competing with the hi-tech world, then this is a good weapon to fight it with.

Is it a Miss? if you already own Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 2, then this phone is not much of a big difference. As for the others, if the huge size doesn’t deter you, you could probably give it a try. I’m personally waiting for next year’s lineup, hoping some notable, worthwhile changes will be made to this already great smartphone range.

So, who all is selling there phones for this monster? Or you think changing your phone brand is not worth this device. Let me know your views.

Till then, Take Care

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