Jamalon Book Haul

“So many books, so little time”  — Frank Zappa

Remember when I had an awful experience with Benefit Cosmetics website and the fact that I did not get a full refund. Well, this time I thought to utilize my money and buy something that is truly close to my heart and will never disappoint me. In other words, its a BOOK HAUL!!!!

Books are no cheap matter, especially here in the Middle East. I have bought a lot from bookstores here, but I used to work then and could afford buying book at exorbitant prices. But now, well let’s just say I prefer buying books online where they are comparatively cheaper. India enjoys a pretty awesome online shopping experience, thanks to Flipkart. So it was a real godsend when a similar website opened up in the Middle East catering to book lovers, selling books that are much cheaper than in bookstores.

Jamalon, an Arab bookstore that prouldy offers nine million books in English and Arabic to customers, is an organisation based in Jordan. Now I know they deliver to the Middle East, but am not sure about worldwide delivery. You can get more information about them here.

The book prices are nearly similar to Flipkart prices, but where Flipkart delivers for free (delivery is only in India, mind you), Jamalon charges for courier delivery. And if you prefer Cash On Delivery option, there are some extra charges. Since the delivery charges was the only thing that was holding me back, when they held a Ramadan promotion giving 50% off shipping, I knew I had to grab this opportunity. Delivery usually takes upto seven days, but on an off chance can go upto 10 days.

Without further ado, presenting my awesome book haul.


Pretty sight, isn’t it?

I’m a sucker for historical mystery genre. Dan Brown had me hooked with Angels and Demons ages back. And since than I have discovered James Rollins, Steve Berry, Sam Bourne, Tom Knox, Scott Mariani and now Will Adams attracted me to his books with such interesting titles. I’m surely going to review this writer when I read through his books


I have 4-5 novels from Scott Mariani and even went through two of his books. Now I have this thing, call it obsessive compulsive behaviour, but when I have more than one book from a author, I need to go through them chronologically in the order that they were released in. I stopped after two books because the third book was missing and so I ordered these two to complete my collection from this author.


I had heard of Conn Iggulden many years back when his first book The Gates of Rome had come out. Somehow, I never really got round to checking his books. But with Philippa Gregory, I have come to enjoy historical fiction a lot and after reading good reviews about this author, I totally went on a lark and purchased these four books which comprise the Emperor series based on the life of Julius Caesar. The fifth book just came out this year and wasn’t available when I purchased this lot.


Conn Iggulden wrote another series of books on a powerful person from history. Conqueror is a five part series on the life and times of Genghis Khan. This lot has me super excited and I can’t wait to start reading them.


I hope you enjoyed this haul and hope that you check out some of these books.

Till next time,

Take Care Everyone


4 thoughts on “Jamalon Book Haul

  1. Thank you Eram!

    I’m glad you had a great experience with Jamalon. I would like to inform you that we have extended the promotion that we launched, so you can still enjoy the shipping discount 🙂

    On the other side, we are opening in Dubai soon, so we will offer more services in UAE by the end of this year.

    • Wow, you guys are going to launch in Dubai. That’s great news. You can expect me to be a regular buyer and I am sure a lot of my friends will be glad to hear this news too. Thanks 🙂

  2. Jamalon is the biggest online book store scam going on in the GCC. How you are able to get your books within 10 days is a wonder to me. I ordered my books on the 15th August and its the 24th August today and my books are sitting in a desolate country off Latin America and for the past 4 days the shipment tracking hasn’t moved from “Record Created”

    I blogged about their poor and lack thereof customer service extensively, with email screen shots and all on my blog. I am thoroughly disappointed with them. They NEVER replied a single email of mine, NEVER provided me with my shipment tracking number (I had to call them to get it)

    I have pretty much given up on getting my books and my 300 riyals pretty much went down the drain for nothing. Buyers beware, when you can get books from reputable resources such as BookDepository and Aido.com don’t go wandering to Jamalon just because their shipment is cheaper. Turns out BookDepo has free shipment too-minus the cheap and poor customer service Jamalon flaunts like a flat flatulence on your face

    Jamalon; ripping you off on daily basis!


    • Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Even I had a total amount of 500dhs approx for this haul but I chose COD so I had no worries. In fact, they sent me a wrong book in this huge order and afterwards they sent me the correct book free of cost and let me keep the wrong book as well.
      I have ordered single books from them as well and a couple of times they came earlier than expected time. They even ordered me a bool from an international website which was not available in GCC for a long time and it was only in that instance where I had to wait longer than the time they promised but they said it was delayed at customs as the book was not approved for my country.
      I found contacting them on facebook generated the quickest response from and personally I am quite happy with their service. ☺

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