Two Apples a Year Gives Us More To Cheer : IPhone 5S and IPhone 5C

It’s that time of the year when the smartphone industry waits with bated breath for one of the mobile phone leaders, APPLE, to introduce their newest and bestest IPhone yet! LOL. The past year hasn’t been one of the best for APPLE. You only need to look at the design of IPhone 5 to know that. With Steve Jobs gone, the company had sort of capsized, and all that Tim Cook did, didn’t seem to right the matters. With Android pouncing on the losing customers and companies like Samsung and HTC wowing consumers with all sorts of tricks in their smartphones, the wonder that was IPhone, has been feeling quite rejected.

Apart from the arrogant attitude that the company has sported for so many years, what is it that has kept you away from owning an IPhone? Do I see all hands going up for price? Yes, that is the first and most likely answer. It’s definitely hard in this part of the world to dish out AED3000 or so for a phone that doesn’t even boast as many features as its cheaper competition. So definitely the second answer is Features. Another thing that has personally never won me over to this celebrity toting phone is its connectivity and compatibility options with other brand phones. Now side with me here, don’t we all exchange photos and music and occasionally files with our friends, coworkers etc. How can you do that with a phone that has isolated itself from every sharing option. Other than emailing or whatsapping (or some similar sharing app), there is no other way to get around this dilemma, and these options require an internet connection. These are the main negatives of this device.

I think APPLE finally listened to its consumers and decided to do something to handle some if not all these issues. So, it was a pleasant and very much needed surprise when APPLE went ahead and announced not one but two! yes two! IPhones for 2013 on Sept 10. They are IPhone 5S and IPhone 5C (C does not stand for cheap even though this is the cheaper option of the two).

or  IPhone 5S (left) and IPhone 5C (right)

Before I continue, can you believe that APPLE went colorful this time. Definitely targeting the young market with this idea.

Let’s start with IPhone 5S first

Design is the same as that of IPhone 5. I really wish that APPLE would have broadened the phone a bit when they decided to increase the screen size. It looks like someone took the 4S and stretched it like an elastic band. Anyways, moving on, the screen size is 4.0in and a new color has been added to the regular line of black and white, and that is GOLD! I just know this color is going to be a hit here in the Middle East. A major change in design is the exclusion of the square in the circular key at the bottom. This may have to do with a certain new pretty awesome feature, which I will get to down below.

Hardware is an upgrade from the previous phone. IPhone 5S sports a new processor chip, A7 which is 64 bit, therefore it will give a boost in graphics performance (good news for the gamers). There is also a new coprocessor M7, which will boost efficiency and save on battery power. I’m just going to direct you to their website here, so you can know more about it.  Also, it sports a dual core 1.7GHz processor.

Camera is the same 8MP, with a f2.2 aperture to help in low light photography. Personally I find it surprising that megapixels were not increased whereas all new phones in 2013 have had 12 or 13MP cameras. Continuous burst mode has been introduced which is similar to Burst Shot of Samsung. One of the best features is a dual LED flash in white and amber color to adjust flash intensity and color temperature. I think this should help in preventing that whitish cast one gets in flash photos. Atleast I hope this is the case. Other than this,  panorama, photo filters, zoom while in video mode are all present. The phone also has a front facing 1.2MP camera. Both cameras support HD recording.

Software is iOS 7. One of the new features, which I find pretty cool is Touch ID. Basically unlocking your phone by pressing your finger into the circular key. I think this is true protection and security for the phone. HAHA to phone thieves, let’s see you try to work a stolen IPhone 5S.

The one thing that I am unhappy about, and I don’t know why APPLE does not want to make its device globally connected is the absence of NFC. Near Field Communication is THE technology of this age, and not only does it make sharing easy with just a tap but also is the future of e-wallets. Yet APPLE does not feel this technology innovative enough to include in their phone. Perhaps because other phone brands thought of it first.

Price is the same as when IPhone 5 came out. 16GB for $649, 32GB for $749 and 64GB for $849.

For a complete specs review, you can read it here.

Coming to the more cooler and spunkier younger brother IPhone 5C

Design is the same as IPhone 5S with a 4in display. The main attraction are the rainbow color options. Blue, Pink, White, Green and Yellow. A dash of variety is never a bad thing. Oh and guess what? The body is made of plastic!!! Say what? Yes, apparently all the colors have been achieved on a plastic body. Do we hear a certain Korean company laughing their hats off.


Hardware is the same processor chip that is in IPhone 5, that is A6. It also houses a dual core 1.3GHz processor, so its a little slower than its illustrious brother.

Camera is the same 8MP. Has a single LED flash. The phone also has a front facing 1.2MP camera. Both cameras support HD recording. Panorama and HDR options are also present.

Software is nothing unique to talk about. No new features as in IPhone 5S. The phone is working on iOS 7.

Price is a bit cheaper than IPhone 5S. The 16GB is for $549 and 32GB for $649. Sorry, no 64GB option here.

For more information on its spec, you can check here.

The pre-orders for IPhone 5S starts on 20th Sept and IPhone 5C on 13th Sept in America. Here it will most likely hit in October through private sellers. Officially it may come by November or December through carriers.

That’s all from APPLE this year, and overall I feel their phones are much better than last year’s model. Also I feel they will fare much better then IPhone 5 too, especially the colored ones.

So, who is counting their pocket money, saving from salary or taking out a loan to get these phones. Do share your views with me.

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