Flipkart Book Haul

Eidi money plus parents going on a short trip to India equals a BOOK HAUL and that too from Flipkart! Flipkart is a book lover’s heaven. I could get lost in its virtual bookshelves. Plus they offer free delivery and a very efficient one at that. I have never experienced a delay from them, on the contrary they mostly deliver before time. So I knew that if I ordered a bunch of books to be delivered in a week’s time, they would do it in less than a week, which turned out to be true.

Enough with the free promotion, let’s move on to the treasure I acquired at amazingly low prices.


Before anyone asks, my parents had a separate travel bag filled with these books. I just love them my parents for indulging my hobby. Some of the books were in my yearly TO GET list and they were so expensive here that I was waiting for the cheaper paperback edition to come out. But I’m glad I waited and got them at half the prices from Flipkart.

I have read a couple of books from Matthew Reilly before, and his books are thoroughly entertaining. I bought some books this time that feature one of his favorite character Shane Schofield. When I read Icehunt featuring Shane, I found him to be quite similar to a favorite movie character of mine, John McClane of the Die Hard series. I don’t know why but I love those movies and Reilly’s books are just like a Die Hard movie but on paper.


I saw Forty Rules of Love in a bookshop here and found the story quite moving, but didn’t buy it, waiting to get a cheaper version. When I placed my order on Flipkart and included this book, I found other books from this author, Elif Shafak, which had equally interesting story lines, so naturally I splurged and got all of them. Elif Shafak is the second Turkish author to come out after Orhan Pamuk, and Orhan has written some really good books so I expect nothing less from Elif Shafak as well.


The rest of the books are either must reads like And The Mountains Echoed (Khaled Hosseini’s latest novel), The White Princess (part of the continuing series The Cousins War), The Eye of God (I can never ever NOT buy a James Rollins novel) or just the next book in a series of books I already own, like The Deceit, The Armada Legacy, The Death of Gods (last book of the Emperor series). And than there is the latest from Jodi Picoult, The Storyteller. I can’t help myself from buying her books even though the last few have been dismal. Revenge Wears Prada is a sequel to the fabulous The Devil Wears Prada. Let’s see how Andy’s story continues with this one.


With this haul, I am done with buying books for quite some time, atleast six months for sure. Can’t gurantee anything after that. LOL

Hope you all enjoyed going through my collection.

Till next time

Have a good day


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