My Prize from Show Me Your Eyes Contest : Huda Beauty False Eyelashes Kits

It’s been quite some time since I have written something. I have just been busy with my personal life what with so much of good stuff happening to my family and I have been totally occupied with real life. I have been meaning to write that I won the Show Me Your Eyes contest which I had mentioned before on my blog here and won some nice stuff but most importantly I got an opportunity to chat with a most beautiful, charming and well known Middle East makeup artist, Huda Kattan.

To start off, the Show Me Your Eyes contest was held collectively by Sephora and Huda Beauty. We had to post pictures of our eyes, with or without makeup and than ten were selected and we had to vote for our favorite. I got the most votes *feeling proud* so not only did I get a prize from Huda Beauty along with the nine other contestants but since I topped with the most votes, I got a chance to beauty chat with the lovely Huda for an hour.

Here’s me with the gorgeous lady herself. Let me just say that she is the most charming, affable, down to earth person I have ever met. She always kept complementing my makeup choices, at the same time offering tips on application and answered each and every one of my questions relating to makeup and skin care.

me n huda

And these are the Huda Beauty false eyelash kits I won. They are two, one is Glamour and other is Natural.
IMG_3142 IMG_3141

The Glamour kit carries three boxes of different types of eyelashes. They are long, dense and definitely quite dramatic. Each of these boxes carry a step by step guide to apply these false peeps.




The first box in the Glamour kit is Giselle #1 named after her daughter (soo sweet!) and can be worn during night and day, hence its inclusion in the Natural kit as well. These are pretty dense and Huda advises to wear them with medium to heavy makeup. Also apply mascara after applying them to make them look natural.


The second box is Monique #3 named after her sister Mona. They are quite unique in design but are made for totally glamorous looks. Again its better to wear with some makeup to pull a look off with them. And don’t forget to wear mascara.


The third box is Candy #5 named after her friend Candice (isn’t it sweet of her to dedicate these kits to her family and friends!). These are super dense and long and totally made for parties and night events. Huda advises to apply just a little mascara and if they feel too much, than cut out the inner half of the lashes and apply to the outer part of the eye to give a heavily lashed look. She calls them the Kim Kardashian lashes. I definitely agree!


Moving on to the next, the Natural kit. It also has three boxes of different types of falsh eyelashes.IMG_3149 IMG_3150

The first box is Giselle #1. Like I mentioned before, Huda thinks these are perfect to create a glamorous as well as a natural look. For a natural look, cut off the inner corner and apply to the outer corner of the eye and apply mascara.


The second box is Alyssa #2 named after her sister Alya. These actually looked quite wierd and I won’t even say what my sister thought of them. But in actuality they are the most customizable as they have sets of lashes differing in length and density. You can apply them to the lower lashes and even in the inner corner of the eye. With these, you can build up your lashes to the way you want, light or heavy. But I bet they are the most difficult of the lot to apply and need some much required patience. Huda advises to apply the smaller lashes to the inner corner of the eye and increase the size of lashes as you go out.


The third box is Coco Jo #4 named after one of her best friend Jenan Jojo. According to Huda, these are the most natural looking lashes from the whole lot and recommends them to people trying out false eyelashes for the first time, since they are hardly noticeable.


This completes my short review on the false eyelashes kits. Although I have never tried false eyelashes before and find them quite intimidating and not to forget time consuming, I think I will try these out. All I need is a good lash glue. If someone has recommendations for a good cheap lash glue, feel free to comment below.

For more info on these lash kits, you can check out Huda’s website here.

Till next time, Take Care.


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