Dazzling Earrings

This is a quick mention post of a pair of earrings I bought yesterday. A total unexpected and impulsive buy. But they were so gorgeous that I could not stop myself, plus quite inexpensive. Wearing an abaya doesn’t give me much of an opportunity to wear jewellery except rings, so I prefer to spend my money on other stuff, like cosmetics. LOL 



Pretty exquisite, right? And the fact that they have emerald and purple stones just convinced me to get them immediately. Emerald green and dark purple is my all time favorite combination whether its in clothing, accessories or jewellery. These are oval almost tear shaped drop earrings with white crystals and some green and purple stones in between to address their regal colors. The design is kundan jewellery inspired and I just love kundan, hence another reason to buy these. The finishing is near perfect and they are quite heavy. Most definitely ear-lobe-pulling-jewellery.



I got them from a local jewellery shop in ZamZam market in Sharjah and they had a lovely collection of artificial jewellery such as bridal, party wear and more of the kundan inspired earrings. Now to cinch the deal, they cost me AED40. Yeah, you heard me, just 40 bucks! Well ofcourse I did some bargaining, he was initially stuck on selling it at AED55. But really, I am quite happy with the price. I mean I know I will not get such good quality earrings for Rs600 anywhere in India.

Now I just need to get a super dazzling partywear dress to wear with my earrings, LOL.

Hope you guys liked my buy.

Till next time, Take Care


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