Urban Decay’s Glinda Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

Today I am going to be talking about a lipstick, well it’s more like a gloss, scratch that it’s a lip pencil. Okay let me start over. It’s a lip product shaped like a pencil (more like a marker!), has the opaqueness of a super pigmented lipstick and the glossy finish of a lip gloss. It’s basically three-in-one. Hence the name, Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color. Phheww what a SHORT name! LOL




The shade is called Glinda and is an exclusive to Urban Decay’s Glinda palette. However, the shade is suspiciously close to Naked shade in the Super Saturated range. I am reviewing it seperately here as I am on an eyeshadow palette self break and I have been really impressed by this product for it to deserve an independent review.

Urban Decay calls this product

Rich and creamy lipstick with insane amounts of high-gloss shine—all captured in one chubby pencil.

Glinda is a earthy pink shade and looks brown or pink depending on the light in your room. It’s one of those nude colors that will go perfectly with smokey or heavy eye looks.



Fill Weight: 2.8g e 0.10 US oz

It’s a super chubby pencil and so, ofcourse you need to sharpen it from time to time. The major down point of the product is that you will lose product when sharpening it, but UD claims that if you use their Grind House sharpener, you will lose minimum product. I find it to be true as I own UD’s sharpener. The product itself is super creamy and glides on to the lips with complete ease. It’s super pigmented but you need to build the color up with atleast 2-3 swatches on the lips. Too much of the product can leave streaks and lines on the lips, so one have to balance the application and not overload the product, Also, you have to be really careful about not dropping the pencil as it will destroy the creamy tip and you will end up losing a lot of product (speaking from a personal unfortunate experience). The end result is lusciously colored glossy lips.



The last picture was taken in bathroom light (hehehe) and gives a cool toned illusion, however you can see in the swatch pic that it’s not the case. Urban Decay has a nice range of reds, fuschias, nudes in their Super Saturated range and I definitely think if you want to skip the gloss step in your makeup routine than you can try out this product. For me personally, though I love the quality and pigmentation but to spend AED90 something for this lip pencil is quite expensive.

Is it a Hit? It’s a two-in-one product with the advantages of lipstick and gloss together. Highly pigmented, many shades available.

Is it a Miss? Being a pencil, you need to sharpen on a regular basis which will lead to wastage of product. Need to be careful as dropping can destroy the tip leading to loss of product. Expensive price

So, what did you guys think of this product? Do you think its worth trying? Let me know your views.

Till next time, Have a Good Day


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