LORAC Pro palette : Grey Toned Purple Eye Look

If you have been following my Facebook page (if not than go ahead and LIKE it here) than you would know that I am absolutely loving the LORAC Pro palette. It is one of the most versatile palettes I own and certainly out there in the market too. I have already created a look with this palette before (check it here) and will definitely be adding more looks to this collection. Today I will be sharing a grey purple eye look.

This is the palette and for ease of purpose I have numbered the shades I will be using.

LORAC Pro palette

LORAC Pro palette

  1. I primed my eyes with Behind the Scenes eye primer and gave it a minute to settle in.
  2. Taking an angled shader brush, I applied Taupe into the crease. This is a good transition color for blending out the the darker shades that will be applied on the eye lid.
  3. Using my trusted Sigma E55 shader brush, I patted Deep Purple onto the eye lid from the inner corner to half of the way. This is a highly pigmented shade and a little is more than enough. Using the edge of the same brush I pushed and dragged Deep Purple into the crease.
  4. I flipped the E55 brush to use the clean side and picked up Slate and applied it to the clean half of the eyelid all the way to outer corner and in the outer crease as well. I than patted Deep Purple on the edge where it meets with Slate. this helps to blend the two colors well.
  5. Using a tapered blending brush, I applied Taupe into the crease to blend the edges of Deep Purple and Slate
  6. Taking Nude on a pencil brush, I placed it into the tear duct area, to give a brightening effect to the eye.
  7. I took the shade Cream with another shader brush and placed it below my eye brows as a matte highlighter
  8. To darken the outer corner, I took a smidgen of Black on my tapered crease crush and applied it in the outer portion of the eye. One can darken the look by applying this shade more in the shape of <.
  9. Taking a small smudger brush I applied Deep Purple into the lower lash line from inner corner upto half of the way. Cleaning the brush, I then applied Slate on the rest of the lower lash line. And lastly, with a clean smudger brush applied Black on top of Slate in the outer portion of lower lash line. Basically recreating what I did on the eye lid.
  10. Lastly applied kajal into the waterline and tightline, black eyeliner on the upper lash line and mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes. Also, not to forget, my trusty Fake Up concealer on the under eye area.


Here is the finished look

Grey Purple Eye Look with LORAC Pro palette

Grey Purple Eye Look with LORAC Pro palette

Grey Purple Eye Look with LORAC Pro palette

Grey Purple Eye Look with LORAC Pro palette


Hope you guys liked this look and I will be back with more versatile looks from this palette.


Till Next Time, Take Care


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