LORAC Pro palette : Fun Party Eye Look

I saw this eye makeup on a Facebook page and I liked it a lot. So I thought to recreate it, my way ofcourse, and lo behold all the colors just happened to be present in a single palette. Read the title for the answer, hehehe. This is a total fit for the festive season and what with all the upcoming parties on New Year. You can check the previous looks I created using this palette, the reddish gold look, the greyish purple look and the soft romantic look.

Lets get started with this eye look. I have marked the colors I have used for this eye look below.

LORAC Pro palette : Fun Party Eye Look

LORAC Pro palette : Fun Party Eye Look

  • First off, primed my eye with Behind the Scenes Eye Primer that came with this palette, both on the lid and below the lash line. Allowed a couple of minutes for it to set in and in the mean time applied kohl on my upper and lower waterline and Fake Up concealer below the eye.
  • Taking my Sigma E70 angled shader brush, I applied Taupe into the crease to darken and define the area. Plus it also acts as a transition shade.
  • Using the Sigma E55 shader brush I applied Garnet onto the eye lid, stopping just a little bit below the crease.
  • Taking the Sigma E30 pencil brush, I applied Deep Purple in a thick line on the crease, dragging it below the crease.
  • I blended this color out with the tapered E35 blending brush just to soften the edges and at the same time not losing the intensity of the shade.
  • Re-applied Garnet on top of Deep Purple to blend the two shades below the crease.
  • Cleaned the pencil brush and used it to apply Gold into the inner corner of the eye to brighten the area and make this look more festive.
  • Using the same pencil brush applied Garnet below the lash line three fourths of the way and Deep Purple on the outer corners of the lower lash line.
  • Lined my upper lash line with Black using the E65 angled liner brush. I decided to use a powder eye liner instead of gel liner to keep the look soft in comparison to the bold colors.
  • Finally, applied Cream on the brow bone with the E70 angled shader brush to highlight the area.
  • Finished off the eye makeup by applying my Too Faced Lash Injection mascara.

Here is the final look

LORAC Pro palette : Fun Party Eye Look

LORAC Pro palette : Fun Party Eye Look

LORAC Pro palette : Fun Party Eye Look

LORAC Pro palette : Fun Party Eye Look

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and I will be back with a couple more looks from this palette. I swear, next month, a new palette obsession. LOL

Till Next Time,

Take Care.


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