Shoes Buy : Black Diamante Studded Loafers

Sale sale everywhere, not a penny to spend! That has been my story every year whenever Dubai Shopping Festival arrives and I have never been able to avail this awesome sale season. But not so this year, thanks to an impending trip to India, me and my husband decided to do some early shopping so that we could save on a few bucks and get what we like when the right size, color, design is still available.

I love high heels but I buy flats. Does that make any sense? Its the same as choosing between fashion and common sense. So as much as I love my platform peep toes (my favorite kind of heels), I can’t wear them everywhere coz frankly they kill my feet. Therefore I am always on the lookout for comfortable flats. And lucky me, I found one in SPRING. The only down point is that they are semi loafers. I don’t know why but I just hate loafers. They look like guy shoes to me but I have heard that they are super comfortable and my new find didn’t disappoint me in that aspect.





As you can see its not a full-on loafer and I guess that’s what convinced me to try it. And Oh My, they felt like cushion beneath my feet. So comfortable. The material is velvety to touch with black diamante studded all around the flats. SPRING had them in two other colors; tan brown and wine red. The red ones were gorgeous too but I went with classic black as they look more subdued and can be worn daily, day or night.






Two things I liked about buying shoes from SPRING, One they offer half sizes as in 38, 38.5, 39 etc. My open shoe size is 38 but when I buy closed pumps, ballets I usually go for one size bigger so that I have space for my foot to move while walking. I have learnt the hard way that buying the correct size in a closed shoe ends up hurting my toe thumb as it keeps hitting the inner shoe when walking. I have thrown away quite a bit of shoes just because of this. But here I bought 38.5 and it was perfect as 38 was tight and 39 was loose, so the half sizes are a definite advantage and I wish more brands would have them.

Two, one can buy ankle pads from SPRING and stick them to the back of your shoe to prevent your ankle from rubbing into it and cutting yourself. Trust me, it hurts like hell and I have thrown away shoes because of this too because most of the time you can’t judge when you buy a pair whether it will rub into your ankle or not. When the sales guy told me about this, I bought a pair immediately and stuck them to the back of my shoes.



They are the white ones covering the back of my shoes and they really made shoe wearing so much more comfortable.

These were on sale for AED 115 I think and its a reasonable for a comfortable pair of shoes.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Do let me know what you think of my latest buy.

Till Next Time,

Take Care


7 thoughts on “Shoes Buy : Black Diamante Studded Loafers

    • Thanks but this is from my personal experience, it may or may not hold true for all. But from past bad experiences I have become quite choosy while buying shoes and check ease of wear always

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