Rose Gold Is The New Naked : An Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Review

While I’m in the flow of writing reviews, let me get on with another Urban Decay palette; their newest and latest release Urban Decay’s very pink Naked 3. Once this responsibility is completed, I can proceed with eye look tutorials featuring Vice 2 and Naked 3 (yayy my favorite part of makeup).

Ever since Urban Decay leaked a possible Naked 3 release back in November 2013, the makeup circles were abuzz as to what color theme the new palette will have. And if not for the accidental release by France’s Sephora, I believe this would have been a part of Urban Decay’s Spring 2014 collection. The fact that the latest Spring 2014 releases from Urban Decay having a rose-gold packaging just confirms this belief. The accidental release by France caused the palette to be released by November end. Urban Decay’s mauvish pink Naked 3 follows the golden brown Naked and the taupe-y silver Naked 2. Here is what Urban Decay has to say about the third installment to their iconic neutral palettes.

Experiment with 12 NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN (and insanely beautiful) rose-hued neutrals—from pale, shimmery pink to deep black matte with rosy red micro-glitter.

Urban Decay's Naked 3

Urban Decay’s Naked 3

Urban Decay's Naked 3

Urban Decay’s Naked 3

The packaging of Naked 3 is quite similar to Naked 2, in the sense that the palette is a tin case with a latch opening just like its predecessor. The palette has waves indented on the front and back, Naked 3 embossed in gold on top of the case. Its rose gold in color and gives a nice fresh spring-y feel. Urban Decay calls it an art school inspired tin case. The palette has a full size mirror which can be adjusted at any angle thanks to the hinges in the palette, but doesn’t hold by itself.

Urban Decay Naked 3

Urban Decay Naked 3

IMG_4829 IMG_4828 As with previous Naked palettes, Urban Decay has given us a dual ended brush with this palette too. Its handle is rose gold in color just like the palette and has a flat shader at one end and domed fluffy brush at the other end. As always, I didn’t find this brush soft and useful for my makeup applications. IMG_4818IMG_4819 IMG_4820 However this time Urban Decay has not given a deluxe sample of their primer potion, rather they have given mini samples, in resealable pockets of four of their eyeshadow primers; Original, Anti-Ageing, Sin and Eden. I haven’t yet figured out how to open and close back these pockets and somehow I find it a bit messy so I haven’t really tried either. IMG_4808 IMG_4809 IMG_4810 Coming to the gorgeous, fresh shades of the palette. Urban Decay blesses us with twelve brand new shades, all in the hues of pink and mauve. One look at the palette and you see a clear demarcation in the selection of shades. Six of them are on the lighter pink side, whereas the other six are a darker, dirtier pinky mauve. For the first time I was disappointed in the color payoff of a few lighter shades, Dust and Trick. The rest if them are highly pigmented, have good color payoff, are soft and easy to blend. The textures vary from matte, shimmer, satin to frost. The palette has two matte shades for blending and one matte-satin shade for highlighting. My favorite is the last shade Blackheart which is the darkest and most unique shade of the lot.

Fill Weight: 12 x 1.3 g / 12 x 0.05 oz

Urban Decay Naked 3

Urban Decay Naked 3

IMG_4832 IMG_4833 IMG_4834 The darker shades are the best in color payoff, the matte shades are very soft in application, slightly powdery. Buzz and Strange are the best of the lighter shades in color payoff and I have to say that this not a 100% performance palette like the previous Naked palettes. The pink shades are a bit cool, but overall this palette leans on the warm side, despite the pink undertones.

Below are the pictures of the shades up close. IMG_4842 IMG_4848IMG_4799 - Copy

Strange is a pale pink which is matte-satin in texture. Good color payoff and suitable for highlighting.

Dust is a light metallic pink with shimmer and glitter. It has a lot of fallout and sheer color payoff. One of the worst shades of the palette.

Burnout is a light pink-y peach with satin texture. Decent color payoff. IMG_4843 IMG_4850IMG_4799 - Copy (2)

Limit is a mauve-y light pink matte shade. Very smooth and has good color payoff.

Buzz is a metallic pink with silver micro glitter. Amazing color payoff and pigmentation.

Trick is a light metallic pink-y copper shimmer with gold sparkle. This was a surprise disappointment. I was expecting it to have the same finish as Buzz but it gives a sheer layer on application. The result is a bit better on top of a primer. IMG_4844 IMG_4851 IMG_4803 - Copy

Nooner is a pink-y brown matte shade. A browner version of Limit. Smooth and has good color payoff.

Liar is a slightly brownish metallic mauve shimmer shade. Has good color payoff.

Factory is a warm brown with pink undertones. It has a satin finish and has good pigmentation and color payoff. IMG_4803 - Copy (2)

Mugshot is a warm toned taupe with pink undertones.

Darkside is a cool toned purple taupe with satin finish. Has good color payoff.

Blackheart is a blackened burgundy with pink red micro sparkle. My absolute favorite and has great color payoff but is slightly powdery. An overview of the shades and swatches First six shades IMG_4836 IMG_4799 Last six shades IMG_4837 IMG_4803 Naked 3 costs $52 on the Urban Decay website and is available locally here in Sephora for a whopping AED 279. Thats around AED50 more than the previous two Naked palettes and I don’t think the price hike is justified, what with the palette having the same number and amount of product.

Is it a Hit? Urban Decay always makes great quality eyeshadows and with this palette they have added some good pink shades to their collection. Except a few, all have great pigmentation and good color payoff, long staying power. Some really unique shades with Blackheart and Darkside. Pink eyeshadow lovers will love this for sure.

Is it a Miss? For an ardent UD fan like me, it pains me to say that this is not a 100% performance palette, neither a complete must-have like the original Naked palette. Some eyeshadows give at best, sheer coverage. More expensive than the previous two Naked palettes.

So will you be dishing out your money for this new Naked palette? Let me know your views. I will be back soon with some eye look tutorials featuring this and the Vice 2 palette.

Till Next Time,

Take Care

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