HUMSAFAR Has Me Humming To Its Tune

I used to be a huge music addict during my teens and early 20s, but during the last few years I have felt and I am sure many will agree with me that the quality of music has degraded to showboats parading around on TV wearing ghastly costumes and/or making abhorrent moves on stage shows. I have never enjoyed or appreciated Hindi movies music quality wise, with an exception or two. Sadly, our music has no identity left of its own, rather a sorry mix of Hinglish-worded, borrowed tunes. But lately English tunes have disappointed me too, with the genre limited to hip-hop or electronically-voiced-pop music. I find myself listening to old songs and appreciating their genuine lyrics and soulful music.

My mom has been a Urdu serials fan and has got everyone in the family hooked to HUM TV’s Pakistani serials and just about everyone has formed a favorite or two as well. So another serial mom got all of us watching just happened to be one of the most popular and successful one in Pakistani’s TV history; HUMSAFAR (literally means co-journeyer but can be loosely translated as a life-partner). I won’t get into the storyline here as its a common story of women creating mischief and misunderstandings between a married couple but yes, the actors have acted really well and the serial is worth a watch.


Now I know most of you will say I’m about a year late on the HUMSAFAR bandwagon, but its not the serial that attracted my attention, rather the main song Woh Humsafar Tha. Its been ages since I heard a good soulful Hindi/Urdu song. The music is a blend of sufi and rock and instantly reminded me of Junoon and Jal bands. The singer, Qurat-Al-Ain Balouch, has such an amazing, strong yet lilting voice that she does justice to the lyrics of the song which is about separation between two people who were designed to be soul-mates.

Qurat-Al-Ain Balouch

I couldn’t believe that the singer is so young. I was expecting a more mature woman because the voice sounds so grown up. This song has become me and my husband’s favorite tune and that’s saying a lot as my husband doesn’t listen to or like music much.

I found the lyrics and translation of the song on the internet and am posting it down below. Although the Urdu lyrics has such exquisite words, I must commend the translator as his/her words have kept the beautiful spirit of the song intact.

HumSafar Song Lyrics in Urdu:
Tark-e-taluqat pe roya na tu na main,
Lekin ye kya ke chain se soya na tu na main.
Woh humsafar tha magar us say humnawaayi na thi ,
Keh dhoop chayon ka alam raha, judaayi na thi.
Adawatain theen, taghaful tha, ranjishain theen magar,
Bicharne walay mai sab kuch tha, bewafayi na thi.
Bichartay waqt bhi un aankhon mai thi humari ghazal,
Ghazal bhi woh jo kisi ko kabhi sunayi na thi
Okay i found this translation, the credit goes to the translator !
(These are the main lyrics, they are just repeated in the song)

HumSafar Song English Translation:
When we parted ways,
Neither you cried nor I,
But, what is this,
A peaceful sleep since,
Has not touched our eyes?
He was my companion,
But not in harmony were we,
Like the clouds and sunlight,
Together but as apart as can be.
There were feelings of animosity,
And anguish between us,
My departed lover, had been everything,
But unfaithful.
Last time I looked into his eyes,
My poetry reflected back at me,
Verses, that which I had never,
Recited to anyone.

I don’t have the facility of posting videos on my blog so I am just going to put the serial song’s video link here and the song download link here.

While I was researching this song I found that this is a ghazal by Naseer Turabi and the original was sung by the great Abida Parveen and I will post her version here. I definitely prefer the modern version.

What’s your opinion on this song? Let me know.

Till Next Time

Take Care


The pictures and lyrics in this post have been taking from the following websites



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