INGLOT Eyeshadows : Sunset Inspired Eye Look

Hello ladies, I’m back with another tutorial featuring a brand that is fast becoming my favorite, INGLOT cosmetics. INGLOT is a Polish cosmetic brand that has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. They have such a HUMONGOUS collection of eyeshadows that I’m surprised I never paid attention to the brand before. And the best thing that a makeup brand can do is allow custom palettes so that we can choose our own eyeshadows, lip color, blush etc, which is exactly what INGLOT provides, the freedom system palettes. The look I have created today is a very warm and a sunset/dawn inspired look.The eyeshadows that I have used are pictured below. Please forgive me for the poor quality of the picture as this was an impromptu mobile photo (I completely forgot that I had to mark the eyeshadows for this look).

2014-02-28 22.40.45


Lets start with the tutorial (all makeup brushes used for this tutorial are from Sigma)

  • I started by priming my eye and applying under eye concealer.
  • The first eyeshadow I used was M335 which I sweeped into my crease with a E35 blending brush.
  • I, then took P605 on a E55 shader brush and patted it all over my lid.
  • Flipping the same brush to use the clean side, I picked up P607 and applied all over the lid, on top of P605, trying to create a combination of orange-red color.
  • Using a E40 blending brush, I blended out the edges of P607 into the M335 shade.
  • I, then took P606 on a E30 pencil brush and applied into the inner corners of the eye and also on the center of the lid, so that it would reflect the light.
  • Lined my lower lashline with P450 shade with a clean E30 brush.
  • Finally, I sweeped the lightest shade of 107R onto the browbone with a E25 blending brush, blending with the M335 shade.
  • Lined my eyes with kohl, applied a thick winged liner and two coats of mascara.

Here is the final dramatic look.

IMG_5368 IMG_5369

This is a real fun colourful look and I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial.

Till Next Time,

Take Care


4 thoughts on “INGLOT Eyeshadows : Sunset Inspired Eye Look

    • Haha I can understand. I was on vacation awhile back and ordered like 20 of these eyeshadows. Most of them have amazing color payoff and such a huge variety in color and finishes

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