Asian Maayun Wedding Function Eye Look

Back to UAE, all tired and bedraggled. But I decided to get back on my feet immediately and post an eye look that I had created for a Maayun (yellow haldi) function for my brother’s wedding. This is a nice green with a bit of gold eye look and quite appropriate for a evening party.

This is a quickie tutorial so I won’t explain much, as you all must be knowing my technique by now from previous tutorials.

  • For this look primed my eyelids with Urban Decay Primer Potion and applied under eye concealer.
  • Took a flat E55 shader brush and applied Inglot 419 shade on the inner and outer corners of the eyelid.

  • Flipped the same brush and applied Urban Decay’s Vice 2 Stash on the center of the lid.


  • Took Radar on a E35 blending brush and applied into the crease buffing out the edges of the two green eyeshadows.


  • Taking Habit on a E25 blending brush, I applied it on the browbone and blended the edges of Radar at the same time.


  • Took Strike on a E30 pencil brush and brightened the tear duct area of my eye.


  • Using the same pencil brush, I applied Inglot 419 on the outer and inner corners of the lower lash line and Stash on the center of the lower lash line.
  • Lined my waterline with kohl, applied a winged eyeliner and coated my lashes with mascara.


Here is the final look

IMG_6275-001 IMG_6274-001

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. Will be back with more soon.

Till Next Time

Take Care


The Inglot eyeshadow picture has been taken from the following website



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