Steve Madden’s Hudson Tote Bag

I’m posting about an awesome Steve Madden handbag I bought three months back, which unfortunately got left behind in my cupboard when I went to India. So ofcourse when I come back and open my cupboard, I am surprised to find this forgotten handbag (totally not the bag’s fault for me not taking it abroad, blame it on the excess luggage) and I thought to share super discounted find with all of you.

I was on a handbag search in January when the DSF was on to take with me on my trip abroad but due to cash flow restrictions (ppsstt remember my huge Sephora haul) couldn’t pick up one during the sale season. But lady luck was on my side, because when I finally went out in February with a sad face thinking I will have to pay full price for a good handbag, I found that Steve Madden was still on sale and I instantly fell in love with this taupe colored tote bag. It totally made up for the dull color by giving a red lining on the stitched front end.


Oh and did I mention the cute carry bag they gave with the purchase? Its made from a sturdy cotton material (I’m thinking semi jute) which can totally be used for carrying groceries, going out to the beach etc.

IMG_6110 IMG_6111 IMG_6114

I’m stating the measurements from a different website

Bag Height : 14in

Bag Length :13in

Strap Drop : 8in

The bag is made from a faux leather material and has a huge pocket in the front which is promoted as a separate compartment for your iPad, tablet etc due to the soft lining inside the pocket, but can be used for other purposes as well. The bag was available in a black color with yellow stitched lining and I was completely torn between the two colors but decided to for the taupe one as I have never owned this color before.

IMG_6115 IMG_6117 IMG_6118 IMG_6121

The bag comes with a medium back zipped pocket, a small conventional one in the bag with two open compartments on the other side. The bag has no other pockets or divisions and is basically just one big hole. I have never used a tote bag before and I love my bags to be big, with lots of pockets and compartments so I can keep various stuff in different places but this bag has definitely grown to my liking.

IMG_6122 IMG_6123 IMG_6124 IMG_6126

This Hudson tote bag was originally priced for somewhere between 350-400AED and I got it for a cool AED175. Now, this is what I call an awesome sale deal, nearly 50% off. I had always eyed Steve Madden’s shoes but I really liked their bag collection after my purchase and am surely going to hit their store again when the next sale comes.

How did you guys like my find? Are you a handbag fanatic like me or use it solely for utilitarian purposes? Share your thoughts with me.

Till Next Time

Take Care


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