Summer Drugstore Buy : Revlon Super Lustrous Coralberry Lipstick

A couple of weeks back I was out checking makeup, particularly lipsticks, during the Lifestyle sale in Sharjah. NYX had been looking particularly enticing with its products marked down considerably, but I stopped at Revlon to check out their lip butters and Colorburst range. The lip butters were unfortunately at their original price (although I caught a break yesterday when I found them on sale), so I moved to their other ranges. Read on to know what I bought from the sale. Summer is upon us, I mean literally upon us. It’s becoming harder and harder to go out during daytime. I’m always amazed at this time, more than ever, how our laborers work continuously in this God awful heat. I wish their workload would get shifted to nighttime, hopefully that may happen in the future if more and more people propose it. Moving on to summer and wearing minimum makeup. I usually wear a kajal and lipstick during these days as everything else nearly always melts off my face. Summer is all about light colors and my favorite happens to be CORAL, especially coral lippies. I happen to have a few with the name coral in it and I’m thinking of sharing my coral range with you, hopefully soon. One of the coral lippies I picked up from Lifestyle’s sale was Revlon’s Super Lustrous Coralberry, which has been on my radar for quite some time probably because I heard its MAC’s Vegas Volt dupe and I finally decided to purchase it.wpid-dsc_0007.jpg wpid-dsc_0010.jpg

The packaging is sleek with the lipstick encased in a black and gold tube. The top of the tube is clear so one can see the lipstick color, which is definitely beneficial, in case you pick the wrong lipstick for purchase. Its a pretty coral with pink undertones. It’s the type of shade that will look different on different lips, in different lights.

without flash

without flash

with flash

with flash

Coralberry applies very smoothly on the lips and is semi-moisturizing. One cannot make out in the tube, but once applied this lipstick has a slight golden sheen/shimmer in it, thus marking a major difference between it and MAC’s Vegas Volt. Vegas Volt is also a more opaque coral compared to Coralberry which is sheerer.

without flash

without flash

with flash

with flash

Although the lipstick applies smoothly, I noticed that it got into the fine lines and is a definite no-no when lips are dry. The texture is creamy, but thin making crease lines when the lipstick is applied. Not one of the best things about this lippie. It stayed on my lips for 2-3 hours, not a long wearable time but than this is a sheen lipstick.wpid-dsc_0004-1.jpg

Its a beautiful color and definitely worth trying (make sure lips are exfoliated and moisturized first) if you’re into light summer makeup and if you catch it during a sale, don’t give it a miss. I got it for AED 31 as opposed to its full price AED 42. Not a bad deal, whaddaya say???

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