Sigma Warm Neutrals Palette : Warm Taupe-y Neutral Eye Look


Today I’m using a very good, versatile yet underrated neutrals palette from Sigma Beauty. Sigma is well known for their awesome makeup brushes but they have makeup products as well and although they have launched eyeshadow palettes before, Warm Neutrals was the only palette to have caught my eye thanks to the intense burgundy and pink shade to spice up the neutrals eyeshadow collection.

I have used this palette to create a very neutral, everyday, office going eye look. It’s very simple to create and I found that the eyeshadows from this palette blended very well with each other.


The only down point of this palette is that the names of the eyeshadows are not marked below them, rather written on the cover sleeve of this palette, so I have put seperate pictures of the eyeshadows in my tutorial to make it easy for you to understand which shade I’m talking about.

Let’s start the tutorial

  • I primed my eye with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and applied Benefit’s Fake Up concealer in my lower eye area to cover up dark circles.
  • Taking NYX’s Jumbo Pencil in Milk, I applied a few strokes on my eyelid and blended it to create a white canvas for my eyeshadows.
  • I picked up the shade Cinnamon, a warm tan color, on my Sigma E40 fluffy blending brush and applied it in windshield wiper motion in my crease area.Cinnamon
  • Picking up Cozy, a warm brown color, on the same E40 brush I blended it into Cinnamon in my crease area to further define the area.Cozy
  • Taking Fawn, a mushroom color, on my Sigma E55 flat shader brush, I patted it on top of my eyelid and blended its edges with the remaining Cozy color on the E40 brush.Fawn
  • Taking Fawn on an E30 pencil brush, I lined my lower lash line leaving out the inner corners of the eye.
  • Picking up Dove, a taupe brown color, on a E48 pointed crease brush, I lightly applied it into the deep portion of the crease, creating a diffused cut crease look.Dove
  • Taking Dove on an E30 pencil brush, I applied it into the outer corners of my lower lash line.
  • Picking up Sugar Milk, a vanilla beige color, with my index finger, I applied it into the inner corners of the eye and then taking the same shade on a E71 diffuser brush, I applied it as a highlight on my brow bone area.Sugar Milk
  • Lined my eyes with Urban Decay’s Ink For Eyes pen liner, applied Prestige’s Total Intensity black cream pencil on my waterline and tightline and finally Too Faced’s Lash Injection mascara on my lashes.

Here is the final look

DSC_0082 DSC_0086

The camera flash picked up a lot of shimmer in this picture but in person my eyes didn’t shimmer as much. One can apply Sugar Milk instead of Fawn as an eyelid shade if you don’t feel comfortable wearing shimmer during the day or to office, but personally I found that when I made this substitution, my eye makeup seemed washed out so I prefer this look over a complete matte one.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I will be back with more

Till Next Time

Take Care


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