Pink Ombre Lips : An Illusion for Fuller Lips

wpid-dsc_0078-1.jpgWho doesn’t love full luscious lips? Who doesn’t feel pangs of jealousy when we see ads of lipsticks and the models wearing them having such perfect lips? Now I’m not a fan of collagen, as you can almost always make out fake full lips. But a temporary, painless and costless method to achieve atleast an illusion of full lips is always welcome to me.

And that is what you can get if you apply the method of shading your lips with lipsticks in such a manner that light and shadows gives an illusion of full lips aka ombre lips.

I still remember, when a decade back applying a lipliner shades darker than your lipstick was haute makeup.ย More like makeup disaster when I look at all my old photos. (*groans*)

Ombre lips is all the rage nowadays and it kind of follows the same technique of applying a dark lipliner and matching lipstick to the outer edges of the lips and a lighter shade (of the same color family) to the inner part of the lips.

All you need for this is

  • A dark shade lipstick
  • A light shade lipstick (of the same color family)
  • A lipliner of the same shade as the dark lipstick
  • A lip brush
  • A clear lip gloss (optional)


Here I have used Rimmel’s lipliner in Indian Pink to line my lips and slightly below the lip edges as well.

I, then applied Urban Decay’s Naked with a lip brush into the inner part of my upper and lower lip.

After that, taking the same brush, I applied Urban Decay’s Catfight on top of the part where I applied the lipliner and blended it into the lighter pink shade. The whole key to achieving a good ombre lip is blending the dark and light shades properly.

I haven’t used a lip gloss but one can easily take a clear lip gloss and dab it onย the centre of the lower lip to make it look fuller.


This is the final look and I hoped you liked it and will try out this technique.

Till Next Time

Take Care





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