Glittery Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Pictorial

Did you ever want to create that coveted smokey eye for a party but were scared that it would turn out into panda eyes. Today’s post is a step by step pictorial of a relatively easy brown smokey eye that is matte, but if matte is not your thing than change it into a glittery party eye makeup with a single step.

Sharing below, in case if anyone is interested, the complete list of products I used for my full makeup.


  • Huda Beauty Rose Gold eyeshadow palette 
  • Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow palette 
  • Benefit Air Patrol eye primer
  • Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume mascara
  • Plum Angel Eyes kohl kajal
  • Rimmel eyebrow pencil in shade Black Brown
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof kohl kajal in Nude
  • Duo lash glue
  • Pinky Goat false eyelashes in Noura


    • Milani Conceal and Perfect foundation in shade No.2 Natural
    • Make Up For Ever smoothing base primer
    • Make Up For Ever hydrating base primer
    • Bare Minerals mineral veil powder
    • RCMA No Colour powder
    • MAC Fix Plus spray
    • Benefit Erase Paste in shade No.2
    • MAC blush in shade Pinch Me
    • MAC highlighter in shade Soft and Gentle
    • Benefit Hoola bronzer
    • Maybelline Fit Me stick foundation in shade 120
    • Maybelline Fit Me stick foundation in shade 355


    • Glossip lipliner in shade Matita Labbra
    • Huda Beauty liquid lipstick in shade Trendsetter 
    • NYX Intense Butter Gloss in shade Tres Leches

    Now that you all know the products I will be using for my makeup, let’s get into the pictorial of the brown smokey eye which is the main topic of this post.

    • First and foremost always and I mean ALWAYS prime your eyes if you want your eye makeup to last all night long. I have used Benefit’s Air Patrol primer to prime my eyes and since it’s the color of skin, it also conceals the dark eyelids, a problem that I suffer from. Once I apply the primer, I wait a minute or two to let it set.
    • Just as you set your foundation with powder so that it does not crease or move or settle in the fine lines, the same way one should set their eye primer as well. It’s best to use a shade that is close to your skintone or a white yellow shade which can act as a brightener as well. I have used Bae from the Huda Beauty palette to set my primer using a fluffy eyeshadow brush.
    • Do you know that your black kajal is actually a multipurpose product? It can also be used as a base for eyeshadows to enhance their colour. I have used my Plum kajal pencil to create a sort of thick eyeliner on the lid. But make sure to apply only upto half of the lid, keeping it below the crease as it has be blended upwards. When creating a smokey eye, a tip to prevent it turning into panda eyes is to try to keep the darkest shade limited to a small area and not to blend it up too high into brow bone. I also tightline using the black kajal so that no skin is visible near the upper lashline.
    • Using a pencil brush, stiff and pointy in shape just like a pencil, I blend the upper edges of the kajal such that the black shade covers the entire eyelid. The pencil brush is a good tool to blend cream eyeshadows on the eyes.
    • The best technique to creating a smokey eye is to start with light eyeshadows and ending with dark ones. Therefore, I start by applying  Sandalwood from the HB palette into the upper crease. Sandalwood is a light brown shade, a couple of shades darker than my skin, a good choice to help creating the gradient of colours in the crease. Now you would ask what is crease? Crease is the portion of the eye where the eyelid naturally folds when you keep your eye open. The upper edge of the eye socket just below the brow bone. I have deep set eyes and the area below my brow bone is decent enough that I can distinguish into upper crease and crease. Someone with hooded eyes will not have so much of crease area, therefore they can just apply the crease shades one on top of another, blending the lighter shades more and darker shades less. When you apply and blend eyeshadow into the crease area, always hold the brush farther away from your face so that their is less pressure on brush and blending is easy and more buffed out. Apply from the outer corner of the eye and using windshield wiper motions blend shades into the inner portion of the eye.
      • Next, I pick up Henna, a medium brown with red undertones, on a blending brush that is more compact than the brush I used in the previous step but still a little fluffy and apply it into the crease area. The shape of the brush is such that it will give more concentration of colour on the crease but still keep it diffused at the edges, helping to create a gradient effect. 
      • The last eyeshadow to go in the crease is Maneater from the same HB palette, which is a warm brick red shade. I pick it up on a blending brush which is flat at the bottom but compactly fluffy with a round edge at the top. A brush of such design can deposit eyeshadow and blend it in a small region precisely like the crease. I concentrate this colour more on the outer edge of the crease and very lightly bring it into the crease. This shade gives a warmth to the smokey look which looks very good on our Asian skintone.
        • Using thesame brush from the previous step, after cleaning it ofcourse, I pick up Coco, a dark brown shade, and apply on the entire eyelid. Using the edge of the brush, I blend its upper edges into Maneater.
        • I pick up Bae once again on a small eyeshadow brush and highlight the inner corners of the eye and the arch of the browbone. Doing this gives a lifted appearance to the eye.
        • A smokey eye look is not complete if you have not applied eyeshadow to the lower lashline. This balances out the dark eyeshadow that you have applied on the eyelid. Taking a mix of Henna and Maneater on the edge of a small eyeshadow brush, I line the lower lashline of my eye without going all the way into the inner corner. If you take your eyeshadow all the way into the inner corner of lower lashline, this will make your eyes look small which is not a problem if you have big eyes to start with. I also take Coco on the edge of the same brush and line just the outer third of my lower lashline giving a smokey effect on the outer portion of the eye. I blend all these shadows together with a small blending brush. 
        • At this point, you have a basic smokey eye that is completely matte. However, if you want to add some oomphh and make it a night out/party appropriate, you can apply glitter on top of the brown shade as Ihave done here. I have taken Lithium from the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow palette, which is a fine brown glitter, and using a damp flat eyeshadow brush (sprayed with some setting spray), I packed it on the entire eyelid. Using a damp brush prevents the glitter from falling down on the face and keeping its intensity intact on the eyelid. Once I applied my glitter, I made sure to use a clean blending brush to blrnd out its edges in the crease. The key to having a good looking eye makeup is blending, to keep the eyeshadows blended with each other with no harsh edges visible.

          • Applying  some mascara on my lashes and a nude eyeliner into the waterline completes my eye look. I chose to use a nude eyeliner instead of the usual black as the latter tends ti make my eyes look small what with all the dark shades applied on my lids. But if someone has big eyes, can easily use a black or a brown kajal instead. 

          Here is the complete eye look

          Once I completed my full makeup, I felt some false eyelashes will give increased drama to my eye makeup and make it more noticeable so I decided to add them at a later stage. False eyelashes is a complete optional step depending upon individual preference but for me I found it brought a nice change to the look.

          Here is my full face makeup where I paired a light peach blush with nude peach lips, such that the main attraction remains the eyes

          I hope you enjoyed this detailed pictorial and found it useful. Till next time

          Take Care