What’s in My Bag Tag



I was tagged on Instagram (btw you can follow me on Insta @eram81) to do this fun tag ‪#‎whatisinmybag‬
My oversized bag always have to have

1. My ‘its seen better days’ wallet

2. My house n car keys (not pictured here)

3. The current book I’m reading

4. My sunglasses

5. My makeup pouch with its assortment of eyeliners, lipstick n blushes

6. Sephora’s makeup remover wipes, they are seriously a Godsend for me

7. My phone, can’t leave home without it

8. A perfume.

Oh and I can’t forget even though I’m not putting it in the picture, my toddler son’s pampers, wipes, extra clothes and a random toy. It makes no sense to carry two big bags ;p


Steve Madden’s Hudson Tote Bag

I’m posting about an awesome Steve Madden handbag I bought three months back, which unfortunately got left behind in my cupboard when I went to India. So ofcourse when I come back and open my cupboard, I am surprised to find this forgotten handbag (totally not the bag’s fault for me not taking it abroad, blame it on the excess luggage) and I thought to share super discounted find with all of you. Continue reading

Shoes Buy : Black Diamante Studded Loafers

Sale sale everywhere, not a penny to spend! That has been my story every year whenever Dubai Shopping Festival arrives and I have never been able to avail this awesome sale season. But not so this year, thanks to an impending trip to India, me and my husband decided to do some early shopping so that we could save on a few bucks and get what we like when the right size, color, design is still available. Continue reading

Dazzling Earrings

This is a quick mention post of a pair of earrings I bought yesterday. A total unexpected and impulsive buy. But they were so gorgeous that I could not stop myself, plus quite inexpensive. Wearing an abaya doesn’t give me much of an opportunity to wear jewellery except rings, so I prefer to spend my money on other stuff, like cosmetics. LOL  Continue reading