What’s in My Bag Tag



I was tagged on Instagram (btw you can follow me on Insta @eram81) to do this fun tag ‪#‎whatisinmybag‬
My oversized bag always have to have

1. My ‘its seen better days’ wallet

2. My house n car keys (not pictured here)

3. The current book I’m reading

4. My sunglasses

5. My makeup pouch with its assortment of eyeliners, lipstick n blushes

6. Sephora’s makeup remover wipes, they are seriously a Godsend for me

7. My phone, can’t leave home without it

8. A perfume.

Oh and I can’t forget even though I’m not putting it in the picture, my toddler son’s pampers, wipes, extra clothes and a random toy. It makes no sense to carry two big bags ;p


A Thought or Two on John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars


Read this one coz their was so much hullabaloo on this one and I have to say that this one is a Jodi Picoult. Jodi Picoult fans will know what I mean but for those who don’t its an emotional tearjerker. Infact if it weren’t for my experience with Jodi Picoult books, I would have been crying every 20 pages in this one. However, this one is a shorter read than Jodi’s and so before you think about gettig bored and the book becoming a collection of cliches, the book ends and I like it for that. I like to think its a more sophisticated version of a Jodi Picoult book what with the lead protagonist being into poems, serious literary works and metaphors, analogies are thrown around in the book like tears on a tearjerker book. But than tears would be common in a book about cancer and that too teenagers having cancer and to top it two terminally ill teenagers falling in love. I certainly don’t make light of the topic of cancer. Just the thought of it chills me and if my kid should have cancer than I would probably die before my kid. So yes the book refers to it a lot, its just that I have read the same plot in Jodi’s The Sister Keeper which brought me to tears coz it was my first book in the tearjerker genre and also coz of the climax in that book. I think this is worth a read but The Sister Keeper is better coz its written from the POV of different people in that book. For those who like Romeo and Juliet and the whole star crossed lovers theme will definitely love this and the others can read it for a peak into a cancer-patient ridden family and how harrowing it can be for them.

Pictures Do Make a Difference : Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol Illustrated Version Review

I have to sincerely apologize for being absent from my blog. I knew that I would be busy but between shopping for a wedding and taking care of my son AND falling sick (who says we are facing global warming!), I haven’t been able to catch a few minutes to sit down and write a post. My book lover friends must be thinking that my fascination with makeup must have made me forget about books, but that is not the case at all. I read regularly but being a mother has had me gravitating towards light reading the last couple of years, nothing worthy enough to be starred in a blog post. This post is different because one doesn’t post a retraction everyday. Read on to know what I’m talking about. Continue reading

Flipkart Book Haul

Eidi money plus parents going on a short trip to India equals a BOOK HAUL and that too from Flipkart! Flipkart is a book lover’s heaven. I could get lost in its virtual bookshelves. Plus they offer free delivery and a very efficient one at that. I have never experienced a delay from them, on the contrary they mostly deliver before time. So I knew that if I ordered a bunch of books to be delivered in a week’s time, they would do it in less than a week, which turned out to be true. Continue reading

Jamalon Book Haul

“So many books, so little time”  — Frank Zappa

Remember when I had an awful experience with Benefit Cosmetics website and the fact that I did not get a full refund. Well, this time I thought to utilize my money and buy something that is truly close to my heart and will never disappoint me. In other words, its a BOOK HAUL!!!! Continue reading

My Foray into eBook Reading

eBooks??? I never really considered them to be books, forget reading them. I love my books in the physical form, holding them, smelling that intoxicating smell of new books, watching my bookshelf from time to time and enjoying the variety. Yeah, I’m a book-a-holic. No doubt about that.

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THE BLOOD GOSPEL, Tasting More Than a Bite of Success

What qualifies a book as a good book? When you stay up the whole night to finish it, despite knowing you have to get up early morning for work. And then when you get up in the morning with a book hangover you admonish yourself “Why did I have to stay up the whole night? I could have finished it tomorrow.” But when a good story has ensnared you, it’s hard to escape its clutches. When you come across such a book, treasure it, enjoy it to the fullest. That’s what I did with my last book. I can’t remember the last time a book that entertained me so well. It left me thrilled and wanting for more.

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