Urban Decay Vice 2 : Exotic Green Eye Look

I’m back with another Vice 2 tutorial. I have to admit that as much as I am loving this palette, not really getting time to experiment with it as I am traveling for a family wedding within a month and really busy with shopping and more SHOPPING! This look is pretty similar in technique to my last Vice 2 look which you can check here. Continue reading


Perfect Palette Tag

If you have been following YouTube the last couple of months, you will find a Perfect Palette Tag floating around and how a lot of YT makeup artists are listing their favorite and not so favorite palettes in this tag video. Well I work through words not videos, so I thought let me share my love for eyeshadow palettes through this tag post. The Perfect Palette Tag works through a series of questions, where one chooses the palette with best eyeshadow names, best color payoff etc etc. So scroll on down to see my most loved, my biggest regret, my desert island choices in palettes. Continue reading

POND’S Age Repair BB+ Cream Review

Ok, before we get on to the product in discussion today, I want to ask some harsh questions. How many of us ‘suffer’ from perfect skin? LOL. So I’m being sarcastic, but how can I not, when I have to suffer from huge pores, redness and discoloration and some people get away with looking perfect without applying a single ounce of cream, lotion, moisturiser their whole life.

Next question, how many of us apply foundation to hide our imperfections every time we go out?Uugghhh, who is going to do all that hardwork, right sisters? Because the truth is, it’s so hard to find THE perfect foundation shade and then to have the right brushes to apply with and what not.

Continue reading

Orgasm And How To Nearly Fake It

Whoa! Whoa! Before you stop reading coz you think this is an ADULT post, wait. It most definitely is not. I’m referring to one of the most popular and iconic blush from the makeup company Nars. Orgasm. Yup, that’s the name. Feel a little bit embarrased saying it. Me too! But then, Nars has other products with names like Sex Appeal, Deep Throat, Super Orgasm, Gold Member. So it’s safe to say that Nars prefers naming its products like adult movies. Hehehe. It may be risque but it’s an excellent marketing technique to publicise your products. Continue reading