My Thoughts on Steve Berry’s latest The King’s Deception

Why, hello there Mr. Blog. It seems that you have been on the neglected end of my schedule. I do apologise. Sooo very much.

But, hey, to be fair to me, I did mention in my last post that I would be irregular because of Ramadan. And fasting for 15 hours is no easy feat. Also, my grandmother and aunt are visiting from abroad and I have been completely busy catching up with them.
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Book Review : Dan Brown’s Inferno

My first post on my first ever blog, and ofcourse it had to be about a book. By a well known and well loved author and also one of my favorite, Dan Brown. After a disappointing The Lost Symbol, I kind of forgot about Dan Brown and moved on to make new favorites, one of whom is James Rollins.

However, the couple of months, the publicity and anticipation surrounding his new release, Inferno, made me remember my love for him and before I knew it, I was counting down the days to May 14, 2013 for the release of the book. (The counting down of days made me remember my last such experience which was for Harry Potter’s sixth and seventh books, and how me and my sister made a dash to the bookshop early in the morning to be one of the firsts to get the books). Buuuuut *sighs* being a new mother deprives me of such adventures.

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