Urban Decay Electric Palette : ELECTRIC Amethyst Eye Look

This is the last eye look in my Electric palette series and I have thoroughly enjoyed using this palette to create bold eye makeup. It was a real challenge for a nude-neutral eyeshadow lover like me but I think we should all try something new and out of our comfort zone to expand our knowledge and skills. So read on to find out how I created this look. Continue reading

Urban Decay Electric Palette : ELECTRIC Water Eye Look

Another tutorial in the ELECTRIC series and this happens to be one of my favorite. I can’t believe that I would like the cobalt shade Chaos so much, but it doesn’t look as bold in the pan as on the eye, rather a very smokey blue. Read on to find out the look I created. Continue reading

Urban Decay Electric Palette : ELECTRIC Barbie Eye Look

Continuing the ELECTRIC series, this is a super bright pink eye look. I had seen a look created by XSparkage where she smoked out the look with a black eyeshadow. I tried to stay true to this palette and use as many shades from this palette itself and so used one of the darker shades from the Electric palette itself for a slightly smoked out look. Continue reading

Urban Decay Electric Palette : ELECTRIC Peacock Eye Look

Presenting to you for the next few posts, a series of colorful eye looks featuring the Urban Decay Electric palette (you can check my review on it here). I had a lot fun doing bright blue, green, pink eye makeup with this palette. Of course with the help of a neutral palette, a more subdued look can also be created with this palette. This is my favorite look from this palette. An adaptation of UD’s Peacock look with a few personal changes. Continue reading

Be Creative, Be Beautiful, Be Electric : An Urban Decay Electric Palette Review

You know you’re a makeup-aholic when you see a ‘soon-to-be’ released palette and decide that this is the one that you will pass by for sure, only to pick it up the moment it hits the market. I NEED INTERVENTION! Seriously guys, when I saw this palette a few months back, I was sure that the colors were TOO bright for me, my palate for neutral/nude shades just couldn’t digest this super neon-ish dazzling eyeshadow palette. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The palette maybe colorful yet quite wearable. Read on to know my views on this art palette, oops I mean eyeshadow palette LOL. Continue reading