Major Beauty Haul

The year is not even 15 days old and already I had a major and I mean MAJOR beauty haul. And here I thought that 2014 will be a quiet makeup year for me. But thanks to an upcoming family wedding, I realized that although I have endless eye makeup, my face makeup was in dire need of an overhaul. So I have been saving for the last few months to get some face products and I am proud to say that except for a couple of impromptu buys, I kept my purchases on a strict NEED TO HAVE basis.  Continue reading


Perfect Palette Tag

If you have been following YouTube the last couple of months, you will find a Perfect Palette Tag floating around and how a lot of YT makeup artists are listing their favorite and not so favorite palettes in this tag video. Well I work through words not videos, so I thought let me share my love for eyeshadow palettes through this tag post. The Perfect Palette Tag works through a series of questions, where one chooses the palette with best eyeshadow names, best color payoff etc etc. So scroll on down to see my most loved, my biggest regret, my desert island choices in palettes. Continue reading

Loving the LORAC Pro Palette

Still finding it a bit hard committing back to the blog, but I just have to share with you some of my awesome buys from last month. October has been a great month in terms of beauty buys. I managed to get my hands on the awesome, super versatile Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. I had been lusting after the Too Faced Pretty Rebel palette and thankfully this one was available in Sephora here. Will post my reviews on these two palettes soon but they are limited edition, so ladies grab them while they are still available. Another gorgeous eyeshadow palette that I had been on the fence for quite some time, was the LORAC Pro palette which my dad finally gifted me last month as a belated birthday gift (more like he gave me the money and told me to get what I want and I got LORAC Pro along with the Vice 2 palette). Continue reading

Rave Review : Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Phheww, MIA for a month and back with a product I fell in love with on first try. Honest truth is that after such a long break, I was lazy and hesitant to come back to the blog even though I had some stuff to write about. Guess it takes an amazing product to pull you back. LOL Continue reading

My Blush Collection featuring TheBalm’s Boys and Hot Mama

I am in absolute love with The Boys. They complement me so well. I always feel my very best when I am with them. And there is a certain Mama with whom I feel quite sexy. Before you go and think I have lost my …. umm well you know, let me just say I am talking about my blushes from The Balm which have quite sassy names.  Continue reading

Urban Decay Smoked Palette : Classic Black Smokey Look

Black symbolizes sexy, smouldering, bold attitude. A black smokey eye look changes the whole attitude of others towards you. Suddenly others perceive you a vixen, a don’t-mess-with-me lady, a rockstar, a complete kick ass female. Carrying a black smokey look is a challenge, it’s not for everyone and definitely not a every day look.

Continue reading

Urban Decay Smoked Palette : Green Smokey Look

Green and purple are one of my favorite combinations, when it comes to dresses, jewelery and especially when it comes to eye makeup. Somehow, these colors call out to the inner princess in me and I have to get my hands on any makeup product with these colors in it. Of course, excluding lip and cheek products. LOL

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