Urban Decay Naked Basics Review

Urban Decay really hit it big with their Naked and Naked 2 eyeshadow palettes (and they continue to hit the bulls eye with Naked 3 being recently launched). However, people complained about how these two palettes didn’t carry enough matte shades (not a problem for me as I’m a shimmer shadow lover). But I have to agree with the importance of having matte shades. They help to blend colors, create gradients etc and so one really needs them in their eyeshadow palette as well.  Continue reading

Loving the LORAC Pro Palette

Still finding it a bit hard committing back to the blog, but I just have to share with you some of my awesome buys from last month. October has been a great month in terms of beauty buys. I managed to get my hands on the awesome, super versatile Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. I had been lusting after the Too Faced Pretty Rebel palette and thankfully this one was available in Sephora here. Will post my reviews on these two palettes soon but they are limited edition, so ladies grab them while they are still available. Another gorgeous eyeshadow palette that I had been on the fence for quite some time, was the LORAC Pro palette which my dad finally gifted me last month as a belated birthday gift (more like he gave me the money and told me to get what I want and I got LORAC Pro along with the Vice 2 palette). Continue reading

My Blush Collection featuring TheBalm’s Boys and Hot Mama

I am in absolute love with The Boys. They complement me so well. I always feel my very best when I am with them. And there is a certain Mama with whom I feel quite sexy. Before you go and think I have lost my …. umm well you know, let me just say I am talking about my blushes from The Balm which have quite sassy names.  Continue reading

Orgasm And How To Nearly Fake It

Whoa! Whoa! Before you stop reading coz you think this is an ADULT post, wait. It most definitely is not. I’m referring to one of the most popular and iconic blush from the makeup company Nars. Orgasm. Yup, that’s the name. Feel a little bit embarrased saying it. Me too! But then, Nars has other products with names like Sex Appeal, Deep Throat, Super Orgasm, Gold Member. So it’s safe to say that Nars prefers naming its products like adult movies. Hehehe. It may be risque but it’s an excellent marketing technique to publicise your products. Continue reading

Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette

How do you replicate success? How do you take an amazing product and make it more awesome? Many have failed in this task. We have seen sequels to blockbusters, not quite sharing the same lustre. Sequels to number one bestsellers, not quite matching up to its popular sibling. So, when you come across that rare occurrence where sequels match up to the original, you have to celebrate it.

After the hugely popular Naked palette, Urban Decay released its sequel Naked 2 in 2011. And what a sequel! Urban Decay hit all the right chords and the sequel is also singing with the same success just like the first palette. While Naked is made up of warm toned eyeshadows, Naked 2 is more cooler. Except for Half Baked which is a repeat from the Naked palette, the other 11 eyeshadows are all different.

Continue reading

Urban Decay’s Naked palette

Me and makeup, we go way back. OK, just 10 years back when I was allowed to wear kajal and lipstick in college. OK, confession time, I have truly known makeup for 5 years. Around the time when I got married. That was the time when I truly learned the foundations (pun intended) of makeup. How to apply foundation, concealer, even draw a lipline. But the only product that really attracted me in makeup was eyeshadows. All those gorgeous, beautiful colors and the way they draw attention to your eyes. So, I have always been on a hunt for those perfect eyeshadows, the ones that have gorgeous colors, amazing quality and good payoff. I had been unsuccessful in my search, UNTIL NOW… Continue reading