Rave Review : Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Phheww, MIA for a month and back with a product I fell in love with on first try. Honest truth is that after such a long break, I was lazy and hesitant to come back to the blog even though I had some stuff to write about. Guess it takes an amazing product to pull you back. LOL Continue reading


Urban Decay Smoked Palette Review

Summer is almost over, Thank God! It’s a bad season for makeup, especially if you live in the Middle East. With the coming of autumn and then winter, it’s time to experiment with some deep dark smoldering makeup. My infatuation with Urban Decay continues. They just can’t seem to do anything wrong, especially where eye makeup concerns. After their Naked palettes, the next spot should rightly go to the Urban Decay Smoked palette.

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My Love for Nyx Slide On Eyeliners continues…

I have already raved about my love for Urban Decay eyeliners and how they convinced me to try eyeliners myself. Nyx Slide On eyeliners are cheaper then UD ones but nearly just as good with pigmentation and staying power ( check out the Nyx eyeliners review here ). They have 18 gorgeous shades and 4 just didn’t satisfy my greed. So I promised myself that I would get more shades from this range. I took advantage of the Lifestyle promotion last month and got myself more eyeliners. Continue reading