Flipkart Book Haul

Eidi money plus parents going on a short trip to India equals a BOOK HAUL and that too from Flipkart! Flipkart is a book lover’s heaven. I could get lost in its virtual bookshelves. Plus they offer free delivery and a very efficient one at that. I have never experienced a delay from them, on the contrary they mostly deliver before time. So I knew that if I ordered a bunch of books to be delivered in a week’s time, they would do it in less than a week, which turned out to be true. Continue reading


Jamalon Book Haul

“So many books, so little time”  — Frank Zappa

Remember when I had an awful experience with Benefit Cosmetics website and the fact that I did not get a full refund. Well, this time I thought to utilize my money and buy something that is truly close to my heart and will never disappoint me. In other words, its a BOOK HAUL!!!! Continue reading