Sephora’s Exclusive Sale Haul




Be Creative, Be Beautiful, Be Electric : An Urban Decay Electric Palette Review

You know you’re a makeup-aholic when you see a ‘soon-to-be’ released palette and decide that this is the one that you will pass by for sure, only to pick it up the moment it hits the market. I NEED INTERVENTION! Seriously guys, when I saw this palette a few months back, I was sure that the colors were TOO bright for me, my palate for neutral/nude shades just couldn’t digest this super neon-ish dazzling eyeshadow palette. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The palette maybe colorful yet quite wearable. Read on to know my views on this art palette, oops I mean eyeshadow palette LOL. Continue reading

SEPHORA’s Birthday Palette FOTD

This post features a look from the miniature palette I received from Sephora for my birthday. It’s a minute palette and I didn’t think I would be able to create a nice look out of it, but I was really impressed. The eyeshadows had good color payoff and the colors complemented each other very well, however I did notice a little creasing after some time. The nude pink blush was just gorgeous albeit a little powdery. The lip glosses were ok. I’m not a big fan of pot glosses but I just applied one here on top my lipliner.  Continue reading

SEPHORA’s Mother Daughter Event Giftbox and More!

Ever since I became a Black Card holder with Sephora, I have been bombarded with free gifts, invitations, special promotions. I say that like its a bad thing LOL. Sephora shows so much love to its Black Card holders, not that its any less towards White Card holders, but the extra perks are truly amazing. For a makeup lover like me, Sephora shows me back love with extra gifts(and most likely  increasing my makeup addiction as well, hehehe). I am sharing today a few of the promotional gifts I got from them, a giftbox for a Mothers Day event that was held back in March, as well as their thoughtful birthday gift to me, which was also in March. And just yesterday I received a voucher for two OPI nail polishes for completing an online Sephora survey. Continue reading