Urban Decay Vice 2 : Exotic Green Eye Look

I’m back with another Vice 2 tutorial. I have to admit that as much as I am loving this palette, not really getting time to experiment with it as I am traveling for a family wedding within a month and really busy with shopping and more SHOPPING! This look is pretty similar in technique to my last Vice 2 look which you can check here. Continue reading

Urban Decay Naked 3 : Naked Pink Eye Look

Pink is the new nude has been the theme of Urban Decay’s latest addition to the Naked lineup a la Naked 3. I love pink but I know that most pink eyeshadows out there are cool and don’t suit me. Naked 3 has tried to give us some warm pinks but Buzz is truly the only warm pink color. I had tried to create a complete pink look here and it looked a bit flat so I smoked it out ever so slightly. Continue reading

LORAC Pro palette : Gold Cut Crease Eye Look

This is the last tutorial in the LORAC Pro palette series. I have truly enjoyed coming up with looks from this palette and hope you guys liked all of the tutorials too. I am going to post the links to the previous tutorials at the bottom of this post. This also happens to be the last post of the year and next year, well next month really, I will have new obsessions : UD Vice 2 and UD Naked 3. Yayyy! Continue reading

LORAC Pro palette : Festive Smokey Eye Look

This is the second last tutorial in the LORAC Pro eye look series and I’m sure you guys agree its a pretty versatile palette and a good buy. This look is a good party look and very appropriate for this season. Continue reading

Dirty Green Duochrome Eye Look

This is another one of those quickie tutorials on an eye look I wore to a party and liked it so much that I took pictures of it and decided that I need to share it with you guys. Continue reading

LORAC Pro palette : Bronzed Pewter Eye Look

Aaaand I am back with another eye makeup combination from the blogger’s fav LORAC Pro palette. With my previous looks, I have done party, bold, dark looks and so this one is light and neutral toned. I have used the lightest shimmery shades for this look so its suitable for a lunch party and a night out as well.

Continue reading

Urban Decay Naked Basics : Day to Night Eye Look

This is a tutorial using UD’s Naked Basics palette which I have reviewed already (you can read it here). It has pretty basic neutral colors and the eyeshadows are all mattes. I am going to create a day look which is subtle, appropriate for office, meetings etc and how after office hours, convert it into a night look with just a few extra steps. Continue reading

LORAC Pro palette : Grey Toned Purple Eye Look

If you have been following my Facebook page (if not than go ahead and LIKE it here) than you would know that I am absolutely loving the LORAC Pro palette. It is one of the most versatile palettes I own and certainly out there in the market too. I have already created a look with this palette before (check it here) and will definitely be adding more looks to this collection. Today I will be sharing a grey purple eye look. Continue reading

LORAC Pro Palette : Muted Reddish Gold Eye Look

I am back as promised with a tutorial featuring the LORAC Pro palette. As I have mentioned before in my review here this is a pretty versatile palette. I haven’t tried many looks with it yet (pssst Vice 2‘s fault!) but I will definitely be featuring more looks with this palette in the near future. I did use two of my favorite shades from the palette in today’s eye look. Continue reading

Urban Decay Naked 2 : Silvery Grey Eye Look

I gave some much needed love to my Naked 2 palette. I have been experimenting with various looks and I already posted a warm golden copper look here which I made with this palette, and so it was only fair to Naked 2 for me to do a cool silvery grey look as well. To my surprise I found that I liked this look a lot and has given me confidence to try out cool toned eye looks. Continue reading