Urban Decay Naked 3 : Sweet Valentine Eye Look

Love is in the air or more like expensive gifts, flowers, chocolates, heart shaped necklaces, romantic dinners and what-not is everywhere. I am not much of a Valentine person as I just can’t comprehend dedicating one day for your special person. Love is a 24/7 kind of thing and dedicating one day to it is really not fair to LOVE. On one hand it makes it easy for the guys, just one day to make their girlfriends/wives feel special and rest of the year act like a…well you know what. LOL On the other hand its not fair that Valentine’s Day is projected as something the guys have to do to make their girls feel special. We hardly see girls running off to get flowers, chocolates, gifts or arrange dinner for their guys. It’s a very lop-sided occasion. Oh no, there I go rambling again, this is a Valentine/special sweet occasion tutorial not a rant about Valentine’s Day, so let’s get on with that. Continue reading


Urban Decay Naked 3 : Sparkling Black Eye Look

Today’s tutorial is featuring the Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette but one look at the final eye makeup picture and you would think, really? Can this be created with Naked 3? When I saw this look created by the YouTube MUA thatgirlshaexo, it was love at first sight. I knew I had to re-create it with a few minor changes. Naked 3 is mostly a pink palette and you can check my pink eye makeup tutorial here. However with the darker shades, a sultry, smoky eye look can also be created as I have done below. Continue reading

Urban Decay Naked 3 : Naked Pink Eye Look

Pink is the new nude has been the theme of Urban Decay’s latest addition to the Naked lineup a la Naked 3. I love pink but I know that most pink eyeshadows out there are cool and don’t suit me. Naked 3 has tried to give us some warm pinks but Buzz is truly the only warm pink color. I had tried to create a complete pink look here and it looked a bit flat so I smoked it out ever so slightly. Continue reading

Rose Gold Is The New Naked : An Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Review

While I’m in the flow of writing reviews, let me get on with another Urban Decay palette; their newest and latest release Urban Decay’s very pink Naked 3. Once this responsibility is completed, I can proceed with eye look tutorials featuring Vice 2 and Naked 3 (yayy my favorite part of makeup).

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