Pink Ombre Lips : An Illusion for Fuller Lips

wpid-dsc_0078-1.jpgWho doesn’t love full luscious lips? Who doesn’t feel pangs of jealousy when we see ads of lipsticks and the models wearing them having such perfect lips? Now I’m not a fan of collagen, as you can almost always make out fake full lips. But a temporary, painless and costless method to achieve atleast an illusion of full lips is always welcome to me. Continue reading

Urban Decay Electric Palette : ELECTRIC Amethyst Eye Look

This is the last eye look in my Electric palette series and I have thoroughly enjoyed using this palette to create bold eye makeup. It was a real challenge for a nude-neutral eyeshadow lover like me but I think we should all try something new and out of our comfort zone to expand our knowledge and skills. So read on to find out how I created this look. Continue reading

Urban Decay Electric Palette : ELECTRIC Water Eye Look

Another tutorial in the ELECTRIC series and this happens to be one of my favorite. I can’t believe that I would like the cobalt shade Chaos so much, but it doesn’t look as bold in the pan as on the eye, rather a very smokey blue. Read on to find out the look I created. Continue reading

Urban Decay Electric Palette : ELECTRIC Nature Eye Look

Back from my self imposed break (*cough down with flu cough*) with another ELECTRIC tutorial. This one is a little too bold for my taste but I’m sure their are many who can rock such bold looks. Read on to find out more Continue reading

A Dupe for Aishwarya Rai’s Gorgeous Red Lipstick From Her Cannes Look

Admit it, we have all been swooning over Aishwarya Rai’s dress, makeup, hair from her Cannes Festival 2014 look. Now I’m not an Aishwarya’s fan and I’ve found her fashion sense to be at best ‘meh’ but she totally wowed me with her recent fashion choices. For me it was her makeup, particularly her lipstick and I have been checking on the internet trying to find the shade she wore. I didn’t know that I would find a dupe for it in my makeup drawer. Read on to find out what it is Continue reading